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when i first started this journal, i joined a few collab groups, in order to stretch and explore different ways of writing. given where my life is these days, i've had to unjoin; just not enough hours in the day. maybe i'll get back there some day. regardless - there are some stunning writers out there - please click around and check them out - you'll be glad you did.


written for Jaunt

The Land of Prester John (Project 23)
My Own Private Sahara (Project 22)
Calefaction (Project 21)
I Love You As You Are, And It's Pandemonium (Project 20)
Across the Water (Project 19)
My Greener Pastures are Grey and Blue (Project 18)
Ephemera (Project 17)
The Butterfly Effect (Project 16)
Salt and Pepper (Project 15)
Out My Window (Project 14)
When In London (Project 13)

written for Dear X

Mostly Unsent (November '01)
Coffee Stains (October '01)
Beautiful Bungalows by the Bay (September '01)
Would We Have Been Friends? (July '01)
Quit Singing That Damn Song! (June '01)
I'll Share My Secret (May '01)
Dunce Cap Not Required (April '01)
Gingerbread Houses and Funny Faces (March '01)
From the Heart (February '01)
Note to Self (January '01)
Happy Holidays! (December '00)
An Open Love Letter to Al Pacino (November '00)
An Open Love Letter to Jon Stewart (September '00)
(note: technically not a Dear X submission, but it fits nicely with the theme)

written for Shadows and Light

Chicks Dig Scars (June '01)
The Open Heart (April '01)
Playing in the Shadows (December '00)

written for Journeys

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (September/October '01)
Where the Buffalo Roam (August '01)
A Little Behind (July '01)
They Call it Stormy Weather (June '01)
Red Rover, Red Rover (May '01)
Ground Down by the Millstone (April '01)
At the Calm Center (February '01)
An Extended Meditation on Life, Part 4 (January '01)
Looking Backwards, Moving Forwards, Standing Still (December '00)
8 Weeks, 3 Days, 16 Hours, 59 Minutes (December '00)
I'll Finish That Tomorrow (November '00)

written for Fugue

Welcome to My Playground (Project 19)
Inward Gaze (Project 18)
Information Wants to Be Free (Project 17)
Honey in the Morning (Project 16)
The Sideshow Inside My Head (Project 15)
Tempo (Project 14)
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Project 13)

written for If...

Anchorage, Alaska (November '01)
This World is Not My Home (October '01)
All the TVs in Town (September '01)
And The Magic Eight Ball Says... (August '01)
Moving Out and Up (July '01)
It's Not About the Money (June '01)
An Eye for an Eye (May '01)
My Life is not a Performance Piece (April '01)
You Lookin' at Me? (March '01)
The Heart Pleads Louder (February '01)
An Extended Meditation on Life, Part 1 (January '01)
Ambience Courtesy of The Who (December '00)
The Memory She Wants Most (November '00)
Remember I Love You (October '00)

written for Just Another Collab

The Gremlins, or, Electra Revisited (July '01)
Peace Be With You (May '01)
Riddle Me This (April '01)
I'm With Stupid (March '01)
Pot, Meet Kettle (February '01)
An Extended Meditation on Life, Part 2 (January '01)
In the Eye of the Beholder (December '00)

written for Interpretations

The Music or the Misery (July '01)
I Never Played Well With Others (June '01)
Minnesota Nights (May '01)
I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby (March/April '01)
An Extended Meditation on Life, Part 3 (January '01)
The More Things Change (December '00)
Holding Too Closely (November '00)

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