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in the interest of a little spring cleaning, i figure it's about time to spruce up the cast list a bit. i don't even remember the last time i did that; i do know it's been far too long, given how much has changed in the last few months.

mom, dad, sis, bro, gram - exactly who they sound like. my parents just moved in to a new house last year, i'm the oldest of the sibs, and gram is my mother's mother. i'm lucky to have them as part of my life.

gramp - my mother's father. i wish i'd had the chance to play cribbage with him. he was sweet and funny, and i think of him when i'm out gardening.

The Dane - the love of my life. some days, i have no idea how i got so lucky as to find him; other days, i am impatient and greedy, and wonder how it is it took me so long to get here. but there are reasons our lives unfold the way they do, and i'm grateful to be here, now, with him, looking forward with him to sharing a lifetime. (originally made a few appearances as Penn, but he named himself The Dane. i love a guy who feeds my Hamlet addiction.)

ChicaBeanie - my best friend. she and i have known each other for somewhere around 10 years (probably more, but neither of us is quite sure). she's been a Gibraltar of support for me, and i hope i've been able to give some small portion of that back. despite the fact that we can sucessfully have violently abbreviated conversations, we mishear each other on a regular basis. it's usually entertaining. remind me to tell you the 'dyke knees' story sometime. that wasn't even me, actually, but it's part of our vocabulary.

Chef - my best friend's wife. a very funny, very technically adept woman. she can also cook up a storm. plus, i want her car. it's a convertible. 8)

bro-in-law, sis-in-law - recent and lovely additions to the family. i enjoy hanging out with them, and look forward to getting to know them better.

the bean - my very charming and intelligent niece. she cheats at Connect Four. just because she can.

stanzi and strat - my grey cat and my white cat, respectively. note that i have chosen them strategically, to cover the widest possible spectrum of cat hair/clothing clashes. they do an outstanding job. they're both rescue cats, and i love them dearly. [note: i had to let stanzi go this fall. i still love her dearly.]

samson and sophie - sammie is my best friend's kitty. charming little bastard, he is. sophie, or rocket dog, is her parents' dog. sweet, and a little hyper.

tanya - someone i had the great good fortune to meet thru journalling. she hails from down South way, and has several adorable kittens - and now a bunny! yes, they all get along. witty, dancer, caring individual.

bill - sometimes just b if i'm feeling lazy; signs his notes bs sometimes. my compatriot in crime on kickstarting the weekend, at least when he's around. currently pulling a Reverse Kendall and working in another state. at the opposite end of the spectrum from me, politically, and paradoxically, one of the few people with whom i can discuss politics.

sparky - AKA ken. #1 ken, at that, as he's the first one i met (there are now 5). a good friend with a great sense of humor whom i usually have to visit virtually, because that's the kind of people we are. 8)

Penny - my car! she's a sweet and forgiving Toyota, and i've slowly made friends with her clutch. i adore being able to get around when i want. and yes, cars should have names.

the Cap'n - just what he sounds like. i've had the great good fortune to crew for him this summer. good, funny, patient teacher. i started as dead weight; now i can rig a travelling jib.

The Job - i suppose it deserves its own entry, as it has a rather spastic personality all its own. i used to work for a Small, Indepently Minded Company that did its best to look out for employees. it was quirky, and irritating, and flexible, and educational. then we were bought out. i now work for a Nameless, Faceless Corporate Conglomerate which bought out the Small, Independently Minded Company. i'm not crazy about the changes.

The Fan Club - an ever changing cast of characters from my second job. it's the rare night that someone doesn't hand me a phone number there. it's good for my ego. i never call them.

mr. peabody - or mr. p., or K. he and i dated briefly. let's just say it seemed like a good idea at the time. we're now good friends, and that makes me happy.

strawberry boy, or SB - you know, he hasn't even been mentioned yet, but he's been on my mind lately for a lot of reasons, and the cast doesn't feel complete without him. it was a doomed relationship from the start, altho we both chose not to see it. what was exciting in the beginning became tawdry in the end. i'm still working out a lot of things from that one.

SailorBoy - an ill fated fling from last summer. there was, shall we say, a miscommunication.

fritz - my ex husband. there was a point where he would have earned an entire screed of his own. now? he's the guy who wrecked my car. lessons were learned, i moved on, and hope he did also.

earl - my ex boyfriend. this one hurt, because i hate being lied to. and he lied a lot - to me, to my family, to his friends, but mostly to himself. what a freakin' train wreck.

frenchy - he and i had been friends for ... oh, god, 7 years? he once said he feels a bit like the big brother i never had; and that was a good way to explain it. he cut off our friendship in order to focus on his relationship. hey, we all make choices. he's wondering where the nickname came from, too. when he came back from Paris, he had some Frenchified hat on, and was walking around with a Galoise dangling from the corner of his mouth. hence, frenchy.

if i missed anyone and you're curious, feel free to drop me a note.

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