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feeling kinda how a girl feels

welcome to the Zen version of the danish outpost! every flippin' thing here was written from scratch, and yes, i'm damn proud of that. started with a blank page, coded my little heart out, didn't even run it thru an editor to check for errors, and only had *one*, count 'em, *one* misplaced tag. the shrieks and cackles of delight could be heard for blocks, y'all. my honey didn't even have to come upstairs to know that i'd finally gotten the new layout up and running, in time for and honor of the brand spankin' new millenium. yeah, baby - i RULE! **insert little happy dance of self-congratulation here**

of course, it wouldn't have been possible without my honey's unfailingly patient assistance with Photoshop. for some reason, i can code HTML from scratch, but Photoshop hurts my brain. thank you for your help, babe, and i promise to have a little more patience/a little less crankiness next time.

the weekend was pretty much a blur of sleeping, eating, coding, celebrating (oh, yeah... we had a new year start, didn't we?), and more sleeping. never enough sleeping. had a nice dinner at Gargoyle's, which tasted wonderful but unfortunately hit me a little wrong. we had to duck out before the champagne toast. 8( at least there was a great party going back at the house, so we rang in the new year with friends. and it worked out well, because i could duck out when i didn't feel so hot, and honey could hang out with friends without having to worry about me.

didn't catch up with my best friend at all, which was kind of odd, as we usually talk nearly every day. i was wondering where she was as the clock chimed midnight, and hoping she was having a good time. well... it has been a markedly hectic holiday season for pretty much everyone, and she's been no exception. now that the insanity is past - strike that, now that the holidays are past, i'm going to work on making more time to get together with her. how can you not make time for someone with whom you share a brain? i swear, we do. that's how well we know each other. she and i were on the phone today, and she started to say 'you know, we need to...' 'yeah, yeah,' i chimed in, 'i know, we need to work out a schedule. but it's gonna be tough.' the casual observer would have no way of knowing that the full conversation ran something like this, much of it implied:

she: you know, i'm sorry i didn't call you today so we could get together for lunch.
me: that's fine, i'm sure you were busy with family stuff.
she: there's so much i wanted to catch up on.
me: me too; we haven't had a chance to talk about much of anything the last few weeks.
she: and we especially need to talk about a schedule for going to the gym, because we have to lose weight.
me: you and me both. i felt like such a fat cow during the holidays, and didn't beat myself up because i knew we had this plan to be much more active this year.
she: and diet! we need to diet!
me: well, we'll talk about that... but the schedule is important. it's gonna be tough, because our work schedules don't exactly match up.
she: i know, but we can get together tomorrow and work something out.
me: absolutely.

i swear to you, that's what the conversation was. we just didn't need to say it all. really. see, now you're going to run away scared because you think it's some weird girlie thing, but it isn't. we've just been friends for so long that the verbal shorthand works.

and it sounds like one of those standard New Year's resolutions, to work out and lose weight, but it's gotta happen. i've got a membership at a great women's only gym that has great equipment, a good variety of classes, and a whirlpool. that whirlpool, and the towel service, are my big motivators. the towel service is extra, but not really that much - $10 a month to have a warm fluffy towel handed to you each time you visit. and i'm increasingly unhappy about the shape and condition of my body. perhaps if i didn't spend so much time sitting on my duff, then i wouldn't worry about it so much. *g*

[phone call interrupts the writing]

well, that was interesting. figured it would be a friend rescheduling, but it was in fact the assistant DA assigned to my assault case. he's a tough one to get ahold of, that DA. ~~deep breath~~ so the assault trial goes forward next Wednesday, the 10th. i figured she might drag it out even more by asking for another continuance, but nope. so, the 10th it is. the DA talked me thru the possible scenarios. turns out that there are a couple of ways this could get settled without me having to get on the stand and testify. there's apparently a lobby conference with the judge and the lawyers where she can accept a guilty plea, or a continuance without finding. the continuance without finding sounds like one of the finest examples of legalistic hair-splitting i've ever encountered - she admits that there's enough evidence to prove her guilt, but doesn't plead guilty, but gets put on probation. eh. as i said to the DA, i'm not really dying to testify, and would be happy with any outcome in which she is held responsible for her actions. but if she refuses either of those options, then i want him to push for a trial, because i refuse to see the bitch walk scott free. interestingly, the terms of her probation will most likely include an anger management course. i don't know why, but this strikes me funny. what didn't strike me funny was the realization that one of my friends whom i saw at a party over the weekend was supoenaed for this case. bleah. sometimes, it's possible to live in too small a world.

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