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i think i've been tricked


feeling kinda how a girl feels

so. Halloween. it's been a long day.

i tried to get into the spirit of things, so to speak. i put up a seasonal garland around the edge of my cube - purple and orange, with little jack o' lantern faces. (it's not really tinsel if it's not on a tree, is it?) i filled up the candy dish on my desk with candy corn. that brought on a lot of puzzled faces, as i got candy corn that was supposed to taste like caramel apples. it did. sort of. and i wore what might pass for a costume in corporate America.

i thought it was pretty funny. see, i'd gone to Targé a few days ago, for many various things i didn't really need. one of the things was a nice dark wooden breakfast tray, so i can keep my papers by the couch organized. looks much nicer than the white laminate thing i was using before. and i found a Halloween t shirt. black, baby doll t shirt with 'wicked' written across the front in glittery red letters. and hovering just over the 'd' is a little witch on a broom.

see, i thought that was funny. i have a reputation in the office as a ball buster who plays by the rules. so i figured everyone already saw me as the wicked witch. and wearing that shirt was a way of saying 'yeah, i get it. and i'm willing to poke fun at myself. see! i get it!'

eh. didn't get much of a reaction. the people who already know that i'm not that much of a meanie didn't laugh, just nodded. nobody else said much of anything. feh. hey, if you can't have a sense of humor, then screw you.

and it turned into a very long day. schedule was clusterfucked. again. i got some brownie points and a free dinner out of it by volunteering to stay late and make things happen more or less on schedule. of course, i'll probably forget to turn in the expense report. but the fact that the director said i should take myself out to dinner on the corporate card was nice. and somehow, staying for second shift didn't hurt quite as much after a steak dinner and a glass of wine.

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i think i've been tricked
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