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Honey in the Morning - a Fugue collab


feeling kinda how a girl feels

the latest collab for Fugue: your sensual side.

Honey in the Morning

itís early in the morning. even tho itís a weekend, and i should be sleeping late, iím up and puttering. iíve never been able to start my day without a hot shower; more a creature of habit than i would like to admit, i guess. i pad into the bathroom, closing the door behind me and dropping my robe on the floor. itís a bit cool in the apartment, so i decide to let the shower run for a few minutes, to warm up, before i get in.

while iím waiting for the steam to build up, i brush my teeth and run a comb thru my hair. the mirror starts to fog, and i step into the shower. the warm spray hits me, and i start to relax. picking up the soap, i close my eyes and absentmindedly start to lather up. the light sandalwood scent fills the shower. my mind is elsewhere; iím wondering about when i can get to the grocery store, what to tell my boss about the proposal heíd asked about yesterday, what to get for a shower gift for our friends.

as a result, i donít hear the door open and close, or realize that youíve joined me in the bathroom until i hear the zipple of the shower curtain being pushed aside. you step into the shower behind me. i move to one side to let the water hit you as well. you take the soap from my hand, work up a good lather, and then rub your hands over my breasts. i lean back against you, luxuriating in the feel of your hands sliding over my skin.

your caresses become more sensual, as you pinch my nipples, first one then the other, with one hand, and with the other hand you trace my hip bones. i let my head fall back on your shoulder, eyes still closed. you run your hand across my stomach, pressing me against you and brushing the bottom of my breasts. if i shift my hips just a little, the pulse of the shower falls right on my clit. my stomach flutters, and my nipples start to tingle, both from your attentions and from the insistent pounding on my clit.

as if in defiance of the fact that iím already soaked from the shower, i can feel my pussy start to drip. your hand wanders from my stomach around the curve of my ass, and slips between my legs. now iím leaning against you in earnest, as my legs start to feel wobbly and your fingers push into my vagina. your other hand is still massaging one breast, and youíre nibbling on the crook of my neck. sweet, honey, like sunlight, an unexpected gift, this pleasure in the morning. i rock against you, feel your cock against my ass, your hand in my crotch, the shower and your fingers fondling me...and suddenly iím filled with a warmth, it suffuses my whole body, radiating from the very center of me, making me feel as tho iíve melted right thru my skin. iím always surprised at how different my orgasms are; each one has its own personality, and this one is gentle, reassuring, and you hold me as it ebbs away. we finish rinsing off, and you carefully towel me dry and lead me back to bed, as i think what a much better morning this is turning out to be than i had expected.

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