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so i've gotten a couple of very sweet notes recently, from friends sending kind thoughts. and it's been lovely to hear from them. but it also caught me a little off guard, because they sound a bit worried.

true, there's been a fair amount of chaos recently. and i didn't really realize how much until i went back and looked at the last few entries. even my note from yesterday, which was supposed to be a 'gee whiz, thanks!' kind of thing, ended up sounding rather morbid. i guess. i don't know. really? i probably don't see the same things at all as you folks do in those words. and that's all fine. that's the beauty of language.

so perhaps i should tell you that i had a really great night last night. grilled dinner with some friends (okay, j did all the grilling, we just did prep), a nice goofy night at the poker palace (if you've never played Auction after a half bottle of port, you're missing out), and i caught a great show at the club around the corner from my place. yeah, it was a little insane, but i did try to be in two places at once. worked out pretty well. [note to self: never wear open toed shoes to a club. things get messy. i'm just saying.]

also? i'm happy, in a giddy school girl sort of way. yeah. i know. what happened to the Bitter Princess of Sarcasm? she's taken a little powder, she has. and instead, i'm just... happy. dippy grin plastered on my face, hard to sleep because i'm all wound up, losing track of where i'm walking because the daydreams are fascinating... it's been a while since i've felt this. and i like it. a lot. 8) hey, if you could figure out a way to bottle this, i guarantee you'd make a killing.

being vaguely superstitious, i don't want to jinx anything by saying too much. let's just say: i had forgotten that there can be people that sweet. well, person. one person. gah! see? even my grammar is mushy lately. ::shaking head:: and i'm not even going to change it.

adding to the niceness of the day - my bro called, all excited about a new product he's put out. NHL dog tags, and mighty nice ones, at that. he was very pleased with the level of detail they got in the image. i imagine it's hard to get a photo of a flat silver surface without a lot of glare. can't imagine what it took. go look! they're nifty, and i'm very pleased for him.

i'd be even more pleased if i could find a hammock. i'm tellin' ya, today was the day for a long, pleasant nap, in a hammock, somewhere in the shade, with maybe a book, and certainly a big glass of lemonade. just warm enough, not too sunny, a little bit of breeze... oh, napping in the shade would just about have made my day.

however, failing a hammock, i'll take a night out with the girls. ;) we're off to The Market Theater tonight, to see the closing performance of their first show. and maybe we'll stay for the party. hee... oh, please - of course we will! we ended up getting Tom an iZone camera, because it seemed like goofy fun; maybe he'll even play around with it at the party. break a leg, all, and enjoy your Fridays!

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