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feeling kinda how a girl feels

aw, man... what a weekend. 8)

so where do i start? with Friday, i suppose. we went to see the performance at tom's theater, and it was wonderful. two one act plays, and the review that described the second one as Neil Simon on acid was dead on. great space to see a play, wonderful performances, fantastic music... and we stayed for the cast party. oh, *man* am i out of practice at those things! small talk has never been my fortè, but at least when i was working in theater, it was possible because i knew everyone. i've been out of it for a while, so i felt awkward about telling the actors how much i liked them. which is silly. i mean, they perform for public reaction. they want to hear feedback, especially if it's nice. but still it felt odd. also, a tad claustrophobic. but... but. it was lovely to be back in that space, with theater people, just sort of chillin' out. tom was happy with his iZone camera, and we got a really cute shot of the three of us.

after we left the party, the three of us stayed up most of the rest of the night, talking ourselves blue. and we ended up sitting out in the back yard - gorgeous night for it, too. we talked, and joked, and swapped stories, made plans and hung out - all good.

of course, i was wishing for a bit more sleep the next day. but it was still worth it.

the next day... i hung out at the VFW post with the boys, drinking beer. no, really. i did. sounds a tad conservative, but the NERAX festival was there. beers from here and Britain, brewed and served the way they should be. frenchy and i met up with sparky and moe for several hours of sampling. it was great to catch up with sparky, and really nice to meet moe. she's one of the coolest people i've met in a while. and it was wonderful to see how at ease she and sparky are with each other. made me happy to know that friends of mine are finding happiness.

oh, the funniest thing happened on the way over there - frenchy and i stopped at Dunkies for caffeine and food. he got the Coolata, with a big wallop of whipped cream on top. about halfway to the Post, he took the top off the coffee to get the last bit. it was one of those moments where you wished you had a camera - this iceberg of whipped cream slammed right into his nose, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. i almost fell over laughing, which, of course, was no help to him. 8)

on the way home, i stopped to rent a film. i wanted to see Next Stop Wonderland again. and then, there on the shelf, was Circus. oh... i ran around the store, squealing like a kid. i adore Eddie Izzard, and John Hannah rocks. to find that, when i didn't know it was out on video yet - made my night. even if you don't know those two actors, the story is great. scam artists all around, and you keep wondering who's telling the truth. well worth seeing. (and Eddie is naked in it! whoo hoo!)

then today, i just puttered for most of the day. towards the end of the afternoon, i got my stuff together and headed down to work the Alejandro Sanz show. to my friend who told me he was a jazz singer: you're a lying sack of shit. you in no way prepared me to be tortured by Ricky Martin and Kenny G. they were good musicians, with great production values, but... ech.

however, the after show more than made up for it. *g* got a chance to hang out with ... erm, huh. y'know, our language is sadly lacking in terms for some things. so, uh, well... this guy that i really like a lot. there has to be a better way to say that, no? yes, there should be. anyway, i had a lovely time just chatting up. and i'm all kinds of thrilled that we're going to see one of my fave bands on Wednesday. good company, good music. i'm looking forward to it. hey, is it the middle of the week yet? *g*

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