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Every Damn Day - a Diaryland Ring


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hey - welcome to Every Damn Day! please check out the rest of the writers. we try to put something out there nearly every day, and we love our readers.

if youíre thinking about joining, there are a few requirements for this ring. i promise theyíre painless. 8)

one - you need to write. every damn day. or at least frequently (we all have lives - not every day is possible). and your journal needs to have been around for a few months; lots of people start up journals, write prolifically, and then quit after a week.

two - write about anything. make it funny, sad, thought provoking, whimsical, opinionated, but write about something more than what you had for breakfast (unless, of course, you can make a soliloquy out of oatmeal).

three - there are as many flavors as people, and itís always interesting to read other points of view. but please - nothing hateful or hurtful.

four - the standard sort of things: display semi-gracefully in NS and IE, please spell check, use punctuation and proper grammar, DoNít TyPe liKe thiS, and take the extra 2 seconds 2 spell out yr wrds. also, no password protected journals, please. rings are for public consumption.

five - once you're accepted, please have the ring code up in a few days. put it on your main page, or a rings page. it should be easy to find. hey, the goodness about a ring is that it makes it easy to surf around to like minded writers, so it should be easy for readers to find, yes? yes.

and thatís pretty much it. sound good? great! then sign on up! being naturally curious, iíll check out your diary and then let you in.

iíll be checking thru every so often to see how everyone is doing. if youíre not going to update for a bit (say, you win that month long vacation in Maui and decide not to take your computer with you), it would be nice to put up a note to that effect. if you havenít updated in a while, iíll drop you a note to see if you want to stay in the ring. please let me know; no note, and iíll remove you from the ring. sounds kind of mean, but the idea is that members write often. should you be removed, feel free to reapply. and if you decide to move diaries, please drop me a note with the new diary name.

if you're ever interested in trying some writing projects, drop me a note. there are some great collaborative projects out there, and i'd be happy to point you to them, should you want to try one out.

thatís it! thanks for checking out this ring, and hope to see you every damn day!

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