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the sweet siren song that is DSL


feeling kinda how a girl feels

y’know, here’s the subtle fallacy of DSL: you think you’ll get more done. because, after all, you have a faster connection. ah, it’s a tempting siren call, that DSL. you think, ‘well, i want to email a bunch of people, and redesign my page, and get a bunch of entries posted up, and research a new/better host for my other site, and...’ well. that ain’t the way it works. what really happens? a friend sends you the URL of a really fascinating site which is some sort of online cryptogram, and you get baffled. you spend hours watching the gorgeous graphics, and listening to the soundtrack, and trying to crack your way thru to the next level of the game. and that, my friends, is all she wrote. 8)

or you think about a quote you read in the Dalai Lama’s latest book (latest to you, anyway), and you remember that you were confused about an apparent contradiction in philosophy. so you start searching for reference material. being the queen of reference materials, a charming attribute you inherited from your parents, this is important to you. what started as a quick search turns into input for a doctoral dissertation. only noone is grading your thesis this time around. the only people who will hear the results are your long suffering friends, who never cease to be amazed at the intricate and arcane topics that tickle your imagination. this is why they no longer play Trivial Pursuit with you.

and then you think, ah! i haven’t checked my Amazon account in ages, because my boss keeps catching me reading book reviews at work when i should be doing ‘work’. maybe i should see what they’ve recommended recently. you get sucked into the vortex that is Amazon, and read all the recommendations, and the suggested materials from the recommendations, and you spend hours rating what they suggest in the hopes that they will figure out a way to suggest more interesting things, as if you really need a reason to spend more money. and spending money online is somehow less painful than doling out real money, isn’t it? it’s easy to spend gobs and gobs of money online, in a way that you wouldn’t do if you had to write the check or fork over small green bills.

oh, but if you shouldn’t spend money on yourself, you could spend it on friends, right? so you start pulling up your friends’ wishlists. you’re in a generous mood, so you start buying them all gifts. just little things, not much, just a CD here, a book there, a toy over there... and it starts to add up. you check your account status the next day, and find that you’re suffering from DSL hangover. you spent *how* much? damn... perhaps you should put a filter or lock on your keyboard. parental control crosses your mind. (right. you’re the adult now.) but oh, it’s so nice to be generous to your friends. somehow, it’s better to spend on them than yourself. because it’s good to give, right?

in an attempt to break out of the commercial happiness that is shopping online, you surf on over to one of your favorite forums. there’s a lot of conversation going on, and you have strong opinions on nearly every subject. so you start posting. and posting. and posting. you notice that your status has changed from forum diva to forum whore. this worries you slightly. but it doesn’t stop you. instead, you think, ‘only 200 more posts, and my science will be tight!’ and somehow, this seems like an attainable goal. tonight.

ah, DSL... you are my bête noire. and it doesn’t even phase me to break out the HTML ref book to find the ê character code.

um... yeah. i really *will* get all those writing projects done, really i will. honest. right after i finish doing battle with my graphics program and redesigning my site...

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