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whaaaaa! i'm just about in tears, i'm so frustrated. all i want to do is add some text to a graphic. and i Can't. Figure. It. Out. i feel stupid. i can get the text there, but then i can't edit it. i can't apply colors, i can't define the color i want, i can't get the font to look right - it's all choppy - and i've tried a few different programs. this isn't rocket science! i should be able to do this! and i can't! i've been trying off and on all night, and i just can't make it work. it makes me upset.

::sigh:: well, maybe one of my more graphics capable friends (hint, hint) will give me a quick tutorial and help alleviate my stress. once i get it figured out, i can get my pretty pretty new layout up and running. i'm pretty much over the one that's up now, which only adds to the frustration, because it keeps staring at my from my monitor, thumbing its little bunny noses and laughing at me.

i stayed home from work today, because i felt crappy when i woke up. i don't know where that all came from; it's not sick, or allergies or anything. hmph. delayed stress from Easter, perhaps? i mean, it was nice and all to see the whole family. we had a lovely dinner, and a small birthday thing for mom and gram. but it was a long day for me, getting down there and back. twelve hours, all told, from getting up to getting home. and that takes a toll. and of course, the empty seat at the table? next to me. nice visual reminder of recent losses. bleh. so i just slept and moped today.

and tomorrow i get to send all my hard earned money to Uncle Sam! yes, i know. it seems like i'm late. but today was a holiday in our fair state, so we got an extra day. lemme tell you, i'll take an extra day's worth of interest on my cash before forking it over. here's the dumb thing: i got telefile forms only this year, but i don't want to do that. however, when they assume you're going to telefile? no address or envelope. so i have no idea where to send my check. do you think the IRS will take that as an excuse? *g*

note to self: buy a real desk chair. soon. with the recent advent of DSL in my life, i've been spending a lot more time trying to type rather than just play Solitaire 'til Dawn. and i have discovered (or more accurately, painfully confirmed) that my desk setup sucks. my kitchen is small (just work with me on this), so i had to find homes for the two extra chairs from the dining room set. one went in my room; it's handy for storing all those clothes that don't belong in the laundry, but which i'm too lazy to put away properly. the other chair went in the living room, at my desk. it's a lovely chair, just not for that purpose. too low, too hard, too vertical - god, i sound like Goldilocks! anyway, i have no idea where else to put the chair, but i've got to get a decent desk type one, with cushioning and lumbar support and little adjusty knob thingies. and soon. my vertebrae are crackling and crunching, and generally complaining loudly.

the cats are pesting me to come curl up with them; time to catch some TV, apparently.

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