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feeling kinda how a girl feels

and then there was chinatown.

the plan for the night was to go out to friend's landing, and then go to chinatown for some late nite eats. we went to a place that the rest of the gang had been to a few times (the grande chau chow), and the waiter remembered them - and he only laughed at us a little when we ordered enough food to feed a small nation. it was all so tasty, tho; how could we not order everything on the menu? the grilled ginger scallops were especially good. we must have taken home, no joke, 40 pounds of food. honest. ask ChicaBeanie. i'm not exaggerating. the damn bag was so big, we had to put it in the trunk. mmm hmmm.

and i thought the crowds at the club were interesting. try chinatown at 2 in the morning. yup. entire families out for dinner, with baby in her pink silk dress. the sophmore frat boys from BC, who looked a tad out of place. a few fey symphony boys. more mafia than you could shake a stick at (well, i wouldn't actually shake a stick at them, but you get the idea). and the hookers... yeesh. the one that took the prize was our luscious eye-candy treat, smokin' her crack on the corner. my first comment was, 'damn, d'ya think she might have put on something else besides her shirt?'. silver lamé spaghetti strap *shirt*, 5" sparklyglitterywackyshiny lucite stilleto heels, and nuthin' else. no undies, thong or otherwise, no pantyhose, no nuthin'. this woman was showing a small nation's worth of ass.

what else could i do?

'i want my baby back, baby back, baby back... chili's .... baby back ribs...'

and then 'Becky, Look. At. Her. Butt. It is So Big. She looks like one of those rap guy's girlfriends...'

'i like big BUTTS andIcannotlie...'

and the ride just got goofier.

oh yeah... if any of y'all ever want to hire a fabulously talented elvis impersonator, who has the voice, the sneer, the hip shake, and the voice (did i mention that?), lemme know. tony outdid himself at karaoke the other night, and i can hook you up. how is it that i go to a gay club, and come home with a guy's number? somethin' ain't right, y'all. 8) is it the haircut, you think?

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