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welcome to the fairy party, or How to Go to Hell in One Easy Step


feeling kinda how a girl feels

be warned that today's scribblings may be a bit scattered. i've spent a fair amount of time today dealing with the tedium of getting insurance paperwork squared away. lemme tell you, they must hire insurance company employees based on shoe size, 'cuz it sure isn't for their fine grasp of the english language, or logic in general. fortunately, the real live people i had to deal with today were much nicer and quite helpful. it says a lot about the quality of my day if i tell you that i was excited to see my dentist. sweetheart that he is, i couldn't even get too distressed when he announced that he's going to have to put in a ceramic crown. he seems very excited that he's the only dentist in town who has a machine to custom build the crown for you on-site (the jaguar of dentistry tools, he calls it), so you only have to make one visit. hey, i guess we're all geeky in our own ways. 8)

Isaac's Storm is such a great book that i've started writing up a little review for you. hope to have it up in a few days.

and today's theme, boys and girls, is "How to Go Straight To Hell in One Easy Step" (which, for some reason, seems to share a theme song with the Howdy Doody show). because i found this Jesus paper doll incredibly amusing. oh, lord... i am goin' straight to hell. yesiree, bob. or luke. or matthew. yup. thanks to ken for speeding me along in my journey to hades. i'm going straight there already, to burn for eternity with my best friend.

found her a birthday card with a sepia tone photo of a very sour looking nun on the front, telling her to enjoy her birthday any way she wants… since she's going to burn in hell anyway. somehow, it just fit nicely with her present, The Secret Fairy Handbook, or How to be a Little Fairy. i know, i know - you didn't want a birthday something, but that book just screamed out to me when i saw it. and the best part is... there's a companion book on How to Have a Secret Fairy Party.

found another great collection of web journals, which just cracked me up. seems like a neighborhood of like-minded souls. hey, anyone who introduces the inhabitants as 'The People in Your Fucking Neighborhood' instantly earns my respect. oh dear... i fear i may be joining up with them soon, if they'll have me.

and courtesy of charles rosenblum at the top5site is today's thought...

On a bad day, I have mood swings -- but on a good day, I have the whole mood playground.

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