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friends, and friend's landing


feeling kinda how a girl feels

i suppose this is technically an entry for sunday, but as far as i'm concerned, it's still saturday nite. mind you, 3:42 am, but still saturday nite. 8)

went out with the girls tonite to friend's landing, and it was a lovely night. danced my ass off, which i think might get me out of the purgatory i put myself in today by not going to the gym, but just walking right past it.

now here's the odd thing about going to a family-friendly club. well, two things. one: there is no such thing as fashion-neutral. people are either solidly on one end of the spectrum or another. there were some mad fashion boys there tonite, and a few fashion girls.

and then...

there were the early 80s throwbacks. yup, mullets, feather hair, bad tight jeans, nasty ass dacron glitter mesh shirts, glow under the blacklight running pants, you name it.

yech. it's enough to make you ashamed to say you were around back then.

two: this is the one kind of place where i have a hard time placing sex. not gender, mind you, which is a very different thing than sex. (if you disagree, look it up in the oxford's unabridged. i promise you, they are different.) the bad drag queen who was unfamiliar with her shoes - no question. she stole her outfit from her wife's closet, and the wife doesn't know a thing, gah-won-teed. the chicken boy doing splits while dancing was another thing. we spent a good half hour debating. i think i was right on my first assessment - male, but working on the third gender.

and for the record, the pina colada song is properly known as Escape by Rupert Holmes. the DJ boy was wrong; this was never a jimmy buffett song.

had a lovely small moment today which reaffirmed my belief that people are essentially good. i was taking the T back to my house, and there was a gentleman trying to determine if he was on the right train for symphony hall. of course, he wasn't. if you aren't from around here, the T is impossible to figure out, and the locals don't make it any easier. anyway, he eventually asked me if he was headed in the right direction, and i felt horrible telling him that he wasn't. we ended up talking for a few stops, and he was so profusely grateful for my small amount of help, i was a bit embarrassed. i mean, was everyone else so difficult that my meager efforts meant that much? ... i asked him where he was from, and he told me he grew up in south africa. i said, "but you have such a lovely southern drawl, sir..." he offered that he had been living in florida for a while, and had picked up the mannerisms from there. can i just tell y'all... he *laughed* when we agreed that 'y'all' is the handiest word going. i picked it up in college from my s. carolina roomie. and it works if you're talking to one person (y'all talkin' to me?) or several people (y'all better motivate your asses into the car, now!).

as you may have gathered from the last few entries, jon stewart excepted, i've been a but gunshy of trusting people recently, for good reason. but this gentleman was so sweet, that when we got off the train, he went to shake my hand, and it just felt like the right thing to do to press my cheek against his. he has skin the color of burnished copper, and it's powder soft, and he wears a light sandalwood cologne. and that little moment of connecting, that small second of shared kindness, stayed with me for the rest of the day.

people are good.

on a different note, if you've read Perfect Storm or Cod, consider reading Isaac's Storm, by Erik Larson. the three books make great companion pieces. hell, if you haven't read the first two, try reading Larson's book. i'll probably throw up a few quotes tomorrow... his word pictures are amazing.

and i might even remember to tell you what the book is about. 8)

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