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love and mercy to you and your friends tonight


feeling kinda how a girl feels

oh, today has been blessedly uneventful. so nice...

of course, i had a panic moment the other night. i had planned on watching a movie and having a beer. popped open a beer, settled down on the couch... and woke up two hours later. had just enough energy to stumble into the bedroom, and realized i didn't have to set the alarm, since i had today off. then i thought 'oh mi god, do i have the day off? or not? what day is today? what if i'm late for work?' that was worth about 5 minutes of agony. then i decided, fuck it. if i need to be there, someone will call to see where i am. thankfully, i got it right.

and wouldn't you know, because i'd zonked out at 9 the night before, i woke up at 5:30. on my day off. fortunately, i haven't lost the ability to go back to sleep on command. ;)

so, much sleeping, lots of messing around on the computer, a quick trip to the grocery store, and laundry. the trip to the store was amazingly easy. if you've experienced the blood sport combat that is Market Basket, you'll understand why i was so amazed that a) the store was open today, b) it wasn't closing within 20 minutes of when i went in, c) the parking lot was empty (!), and d) i got in and out in 40 minutes. i was so excited that i bought wayyyyyy too many things. it's only a three block walk home, but it can feel like the Boston Marathon's Heartbreak Hill when you're loaded down with 75 pounds of bags.

i found mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches while shopping! how excellent is that... and they're snack size, which i didn't really think about while buying them. i decided to treat myself to one when i finished unpacking the groceries. swear to god, they're three bites. snip snap yum, all done. i was tempted to have three or four of them. :)

finally got enough laundry done that i can see the floor in my bedroom. this is a minor miracle. i also got the rest of my winter clothes put away. yes, i know. it's July. what better way to celebrate Independence Day? made sense to me.

i hadn't realized how many clothes i had until i squashed them all into storage bags and tried to mush them into the top shelf of the closet. after much grunting and sweating (and not the good kind), i got them all up there. i'm way too short to be doing this kind of stuff. and i'm just praying that i don't hear a large *thwump* in the middle of the night, as one of the bags lets go of its tenuous grip on the shelf and lands on top of all the shoes.

i did do a little to celebrate today, besides just being a lump. i was all set to watch the Boston Pops on A&E, along with Tanya. yes, i know i live across town. i've been down on the Charles for the 4th. celebrating with a half million of my closest friends is not my idea of a good time. been there, done that, have the t shirt. it's worth doing once or twice. until i make friends with a rich, Beacon Hill penthouse owning person, i'll be happy to watch it on TV.

but then i talked to my dad, and he had me watching the tribute concert to Brian Wilson. let me tell you, it was an amazing concert. i grew up listening to all the Beach Boys albums, and got a bit jaded about them. if you listen to them all the time, they're just part of your musical landscape. i'm so glad dad had me watching this. i had forgotten what a musical genius Brian Wilson is. his songs sent shivers down my spine. and the final song, Love and Mercy, had me in tears, in a good way. the man is truly one of the greatest gifts to music going.

i did switch back and forth to the Pops, to catch Cyndi Lauper, who made me laugh. nothing like mixing a rock performer with the orchestra. and she clowned around with Keith Lockhart, who is such a showboat. not sure what i think of him as a conductor, but he brings good production values to a show, for sure.

and of course, i had to see the fireworks. it was sort of surreal, because there they were on TV. and i could hear them outside my window, exploding about 3 or 4 seconds after i saw them. then during the finale, i could actually see the reflection of the real thing coming over the tops of the buildings across the street, all the while watching them on TV. kind of odd, seeing bits and pieces out my window, and also seeing my town on a national broadcast.

made myself a nice dinner, too. i almost never cook a proper dinner for myself, because cooking for one is kind of boring. tonight, tho, was steak, spinach and corn on the cob. mmmmm. tasty. picture this: balancing a dinner plate on my knees, trying to cut my steak, keeping one eye on the fireworks, and fending the cats off with my non-spare hand. the cats were amused, at least.

seems like everyone had a good holiday. and ChicaBeanie and her girlfriend are back from the cottage, after a lovely weekend. CB's girlfriend caught a couple of bass (i think - might have been perch) that they had for dinner. tonight they were watching the fireworks on TV, too; i talked to ChicaBean during the finale. we had a little discussion about the Blimp Cam - i find the blimp to be very distracting, but at least the cam gives you a great view of the festivities.

we're all headed out tomorrow night, for some kind of pool party. could be pool splashy splashy, could be pool stick-y stick-y. we'll see. either way, it will be lovely to catch up with them. and i'm glad i get to see them before taking off for the weekend. i was feeling like a bad friend for dashing out of town, because we haven't had much time to talk lately. yeah, we all went to the Franti show. but that was just seeing each other, not *seeing* each other. you know what i mean. anyway... social gathering tomorrow night, and then off for the weekend. almost makes me forget i have to actually work for a living tomorrow. ;)

happy Fourth, y'all. stay safe.

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