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phew. geez, you look the other way for a few days to get some projects done, and all kinds of shit happens.

so this isn't really a proper entry, or a funny story, or any deep thought at all, because i can't really string together that much mental effort. it's just bits and pieces of what's gone on for the last week or so. (it's been about that long, hasn't it?)

first things first. i finally had a chance to check in on pamie's site, and i found some sad news. she's closing down her journal. i can see why she's doing it; but go here while you can to hear it in her own words. i'll miss her. of course, as she points out, she's not going away all together. but life just won't be the same without regular doses of pamie's voice.

furniture has been a big theme for me the last few days. my desk setup is making me insane. i just can't find a comfortable position in which to type. i really, really have to get a proper desk chair. pulling wires this way and that, trying to balance the keyboard on my lap, or my knees, or one knee and a corner of the desk... and i wonder why my back hurts. oh, wait. no, i don't. and sleeping on the most iron solid futon in the universe this past weekend didn't help.

more furniture adventures: my couch is finally in! i've been waiting for weeks for this. i've been waiting even longer to figure out what i wanted - it took probably 6 months to come to some sort of decision. of course, now that they have it and are all set to bring it over, i had to reschedule the whole shebang, as i got a better offer for the weekend. so now, The Couch will be delivered on Friday the 13th. god, i hope this doesn't mean i'll have bad couch karma. that would just rot.

shows, music, happiness... went to the Spearhead show at House of Blues last week. first show i've seen in a while that i haven't also been working. yeah, i've caught some open air stuff. but it's a whole different world being in a club. note to self: you are not cut out for clubbing. i swear, if i could have, i would have killed the nasty little bitch who shoved her way in front of me and stomped on my feet repeatedly. as it was, i just straight armed her out of my way. i mean, there *is* an etiquette to moving around a club. 'excuse me, do you mind, i really can't see, just one song, thanks so much, buy you a beer' - all of that works. slamming into people and ignoring them? not so much. feh.

setting aside all that, tho, and the fact that the upper floor of the club has no structural supporting beam (think about that, and 200 people jumping up and down....), it was a fantastic show. two solid hours of Michael Franti, who is gorgeous, and funny, and adorable. his band is *tight*, and the woman who sings with him? gor-gee-OUS. whoohaa. they just sounded great, and i knew nearly every song they played, and a lot of it was off the new album... whee hee! and he's wonderfully articulate about the issues he believes in. imagine this: someone starts talking about politics halfway thru a show. some ruckus, but some people listen, right? nope. you could have heard a pin drop in there. every single person shut up to listen to him. that was almost as amazing as the music.

sweet moment last week: working a show, all hot and cranky, and then seeing The Boy step out of the crowd. how lovely was that? and the rest of the night was great.

got to visit sis this weekend, and see her apartment, which i lust after - high ceilings, hard wood floors, and closet space up the wazoo. of course, i didn't envy her the weather down there. swelteringly hot all weekend, even after it rained a bit. thank god for air conditioning, eh? we spent the day walking around (in 95 weather - go figure), talking and popping into stores here and there. got to see where she works, and we went to a great little Afghani restaurant for dinner. it was really good to see her and just hang out, something we haven't gotten to do except in small snatches here and there in a long time. (and thanks so much to ChicaBeanie for checking in on the kitties so i could go!)

bought myself a ring while i was down there. it's sterling silver, Victorian reproduction, with a small garnet and two diamond chips. i love garnets. and this ring makes me happy.

also got a new pair of Tretorns, which was far more difficult than it should have been by any rights. it took three different stores to come up with a pair. people, these are basic, classic, plain old sneakers. why should that be a challenge to find? god... it was like hunting for a White Shirt. you know... eh. anyway, so now i have them, and they are screamingly white, and i'm just gonna have to wear them everywhere for a few days to dull the glare.

work is alternately kicking my ass and amusing me these days. the latest project has started up. the first part should only have taken a few days at most, even figuring in the usual startup snags. we're working on Day Eight. i'm thinking the end is is sight, but then again, i've been thinking that for a few days now. and it gets to the point where all you can do is be humored. otherwise, you'll give in to the urge to strangle your co-irkers. something tells me that's not accepted behavior in the respectful workplace.

surgery has been another theme lately. found out that one of my coworkers had a brother in the hospital for intensely major surgery the end of last week (tumor, involved in some major organs). it was so great to hear that it went well - t was ecstatic when i talked to him the next day. send good thoughts and prayers his way, if you would, as his brother isn't out of the woods just yet. but the prognosis is far, far better than it was a few months ago. and frenchy made it thru his knee surgery well, too. there's some recovery time, of course, but it was uneventful. always good.

i have no plans whatsoever for the 4th, other than laundry and naps. pretty much, that's it. i'm still recovering from a few late nights recently, and gearing up for a weekend away, which i'm very much looking forward to. headed down to Newport to bum around town and generally enjoy myself. here's hoping we don't get any more of those wacky storms that have been blowing thru recently. but even if we do, it will still be a fun trip, i think.

i've got a ton of people to catch up with in the next few days. i want to check in on bro, who moved this weekend, into his very first house. i'm so happy for him and my sister in law - and here's hoping they survived the move! there's also a whole stack of notes by the phone, from people that i've been trading voice mails with. with any luck, work will ease up a bit tomorrow, and i can make a few calls. or maybe i'll use the day off (the Fourth) to do a little more phone tag.

okay, that's pretty much all the brain i have to dump right about now. back to your regularly scheduled programming. ;)

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