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feeling kinda how a girl feels

i truly thought i was gonna get hauled off on an involuntary manslaughter charge today. i think that co-irkers are sufficient justification for an involuntary plea, don't you?

i'll be the first to admit that i'm not the most patient person in the world. nor am i overly diplomatic, altho i seem to be acquiring those skills against my will. and i only had one small frayed nerve left. but really, even Ghandi would have been sorely tested today.

certain of my co-irkers saw fit to stomp all over that little nerve. i just wanted to snap and beat them senseless with a big stick. or a 9 iron. either would do.

example one: i find a problem, and turn it over to the correct authorities for resolution. did said "authority" (she said, air quoting her ass off) bother to look at the write up, or do any research into the issue? noooooo. instead, certain other people tried to get past my (locked) screensaver to see what i had done. *grrrr* the "authority" then proceeded to be vaguely belligerent with me, as if i were some how at fault. the hell? *shakes head*

the only moderately satisfying part of the whole exchange was being able to shoot down each of his consecutive theories, with witnesses.

and then he left. left. the. office. i ended up on the elevator with him, and didn't even want to look at him. thankfully, we work in a short building.

i've had a hard time dealing with this person for some time, and not for the reasons you perhaps might suppose. go to ask him a question, and you feel the urge to check his pulse. doesn't even blink. no response. no acknowledgement that you've even said anything. i had to fight the urge, when he first started with us, to start his sentences for him. made me crazy. i've since gained the patience to just stand there, staring at him, dreaming of exotic vacation locations whilst waiting for whatever he chooses to burp up.

example two: another problem, another gobsmacker. someone came by to ask if i'd found the resolution to a particular issue. i said i hadn't been able to recreate the issue, and had s/he tried to do so with any luck? this was followed by a statement that they didn't really know how to do that, any of them.

oh. my. GOD! did you just tell me you don't know how to do your job? please tell me you didn't just tell me you don't know how to do your job. please, please tell me that you didn't just ask me to do your job for you. you didn't, did you? you couldn't have. nobody would say something like that in public.

i managed to not strangle said person, instead suggesting several ways they could go about exploring on their own. this was promptly followed by me locking myself in a small, padded room and screaming myself silly.

i was so flippin' aggravated by the end of the day that i bent my rule, and went out. caught up with some friends, had a few, and tried to stop caring about my job so much, or at least not taking it so personally.

is it Friday yet?

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