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birthdays and tidying


feeling kinda how a girl feels

birthday countdown: 18 days.

i've been thinking about birthdays recently, both mine and the journal's.

the journal is coming up on its second birthday. that's right. nearly two years worth of words here. i never thought i'd be two years into this adventure and still loving it. well, more accurately, i didn't much think about how long i'd be writing. just started, and it's taken on a life of its own.

i'm not really sure what to do as a birthday present. last year, i did a few retrospective entries, with quotes and 'best of's. frankly, i don't find that to be an appealing prospect this time. after all, if you're interested, you'll find your own favorite entries. and what strikes me as quotable may not do much for you.

what would you like to see? would an annual recap be interesting? or shall i just bake a cake and sing off key?

[small break for dinner... an entire bunch of asparagus. quick cooked in the microwave, and doused in lemon, butter and salt. lovely to have a dinner that should be eaten with the fingers. i'll be paying for it tomorrow, tho.]

as for my own birthday, it's just another one. 35 doesn't strike me as a noteworthy milestone. for some reason, sis does, and has been tweaking me about it. *shrugs* i'll celebrate the usual way - take the day off, and spend it doing something decadent and relaxing. i may even get up to Wingaersheek yet this season.

*checks email* huh. well, whaddya know. apparently, having a bumper sticker that says 'boys stink' doesn't scare off all the prospective dates. i may be having dinner sometime soon, courtesy of someone who finds me interesting. huh.

tonight's project was organizing the kitchen and building some furniture. picked up a cabinet sort of thing at Targèe the other night, and spent a sweaty few hours constructing the thing. herewith, the results:

the before messbefore

the neater after versionafter

of course, there's considerably less shelf space now, as i miscalculated the dimensions. but i still like it. some of the books now live on top of the china hutch, and i've weeded out some of the others. there's still a pile of undecideds, which will sit on the table until i get fed up and pitch them all. nice feeling of accomplishment, getting that tidied up. now, for some well earned cooling off.

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