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okay. i tried *yet again* to find a cupboard. this time, i tried Economy Hardware. they have a wealth of unfinished furniture, and seemed, from the web site, to have what i want. and if i'm lazy, i can pay them to finish it for me.

got down there, and hunted for a parking space. impossible at the best of times in Central Square, psychosis inducing right after work. remember, i haven't quite mastered parallel parking in this car. wouldn't you know, that was the only kind of space i could find. i figured the week couldn't get more aggravating, so i bit the bullet.

and much to my amazement, i got it right! i got it on the first try, right up next to the curb, and didn't even bump any bumpers! i was very, very psyched about that one.

Economy didn't have what i wanted, which is par for the course at this point. but i did find what might be a decent substitute if i really can't find what i have in mind. i also found a banker's bookcase. lawyer's bookcase? it's the kind with glass front doors for each shelf which lift up and slide back under the top of the shelf. *hmmmm* maybe that's the next acquisition. it'd be nice to have something to keep the dust off of things.

new lamp, and artwork too

when i got close to home, i realized that the new Targ¸ near my house was now open. whoo hoo! it's a dangerous thing, Martha. swung by and spent way too much money there, again, picking up among other things a new floor lamp for the living room. i decided it was about time for that to happen, as the previous lamp was starting to behave badly. i have no desire to be electrocuted. hence, the new lamp.

i think it looks okay, but i sort of need to live with it for a few days. i do think it was worth getting all sweaty and icky putting it together. and i'm very happy to have the artwork back from the framer. at first, i thought it was a bit much, as i'm very used to that wall being blank space. now it makes me happy that i have another Joel Meyerowitz to look at.

maybe it's the heat, maybe not, but i have a splitting headache tonight. even Paramecetol doesn't help. it's not a migraine, but it's still kicking my ass. so outside of getting the lamp set up, i'm not doing much of anything tonight, just watching baseball. dinner was the Greek orzo salad i picked up at Wilson's the other day, and it hit just the right spot. Greek salads are usually way salty, due to substandard feta. this one wasn't. nicely done pasta, mild feta, fresh spinach, and sliced black olives. not only that, i got out of cooking, again. ;)

pardon me, i need to go catch the rest of the game and cheer on my boys, most especially the Dauber. (can't we come up with a better nickname for him?)

update: if you're a fellow fan of the Red Sox here on d*land, and share my enthusiasm for Brian Daubach, then you're cordially invited to join the Daubach ring!

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