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okay, so i caught a break today. yes, i still have all the cat stuff to deal with. no, they aren't any happier. but i've been given the great good gift of a Night Out on the Town. HimSelf is in town, and called to see if i wanted to get together. i was giddy with anticipation. :)

of course, i got into full-on Girlie mode. used about 17 different things in the shower, getting all smoothed and scented and shaved. if you had no idea that it was possible to spend a half hour doing grooming things in the shower, i'm here to tell you it is. and i dyed my hair a whole new shade last night, nearly asphyxiating myself in the process. i'd forgotten that permanent hair dye was so ... pungent.

then i headed off to see my hairdresser. when i plopped myself down in her chair (after a lovely shampoo and scalp massage), she asked what we were doing today. 'sassy. give me something sassy.' 'done.' i'm now the proud owner of a sassy new haircut. takes about 5 minutes and 3 hair products. the 5 minutes i'm okay with. you put in some mousse/gel stuff, and finger curl it, whilst hanging your head upside down, creating some perky little flips. pretty much, it's the dressy version of bed head. ;)

hair? check. makeup? check. nail polish, fingers and toes? check. sexy little outfit? check. black silk shantung sleeveless wrap, tight jeans, and black silk slide shoes. nerves? check. :)

i was thrilled to see HimSelf, and hang out in a corner of my town for a change. we ducked out partway thru the show and popped around the corner to the Silvertone. i figured it would be his kind of restaurant - meat, potatoes, and smoking allowed everywhere. we had an insanely large meal, and i had to snicker at the women sitting next to us. ladies, if you don't like smoke, then don't come to an all smoking place, and certainly don't berate us for our addictions.

when we'd finished eating, He asked if i wanted another drink. 'sure, whatever you'd like.' 'let's have it back at the hotel. we need to use the room.' fine by me!

as we walked back, He raved about the hallway in the suite. made sense - He has a small apartment, and mine doesn't even have a hallway. but i didn't really get how great this suite was going to be. He was right. the hallway was fantastic. so was the living room, dining room, master bedroom, and both bathrooms. two bathrooms!

right about this time, i started feeling less like the City Host and more like the Country Mouse. i swear, no joke, i must have spent a half hour just wandering around poking into drawers and closets, keeping myself highly entertained while He took care of some business. the Bose sound system alone... what a sexy piece of sound equipment. stands up, like a flat screen, and you touch the glass to slide open the doors. and when i walked into the master bedroom, i had to fight the urge to take a running start and stage dive onto the bed. ten feet of runway, and half a football field of bed, complete with down comforter. and the master bath - oh! god, i could have spent a weekend in there, alone. double sink, marble shower stall, huge tub - with a tray for your books... mmmmm. yumyumyum.

He finished up with his calls, and asked what i wanted for dessert, then called down for two drinks and some cr¸me brulee. we both tinked around with the stereo, and then messed around a bit. and then room service arrived.

you could have knocked me over with a feather. every time i've ever gotten room service before? showed up on a caf tray. this... was wheeled in on a linen draped table, with more silver than you could ever use. and my martini arrived in a silver shaker. He finished signing, turned around, and said, 'what's the matter, sweetie?' i have no idea what the expression on my face was, but all i could bleat was 'Country Mouse! Country Mouse!' *giggle*

dessert was wonderful, and i revelled in being pampered in a part of my city that i never get to see, and spend some time with HimSelf.

oh yeah - i did stage dive the bed. ;)

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