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ever have your life turn into a TV show?


feeling kinda how a girl feels

hey, guess what? my life has turned into an episode of Trading Spaces!

that's right, boys and girls! four medications, two cats, and one of me. watch as i try to dose two cats singlehandedly! wonder at the insanity as i try not to accidentally strangle them in the process! cry along as the grey cat cries at the 'reveal'!

this sucks ass.

i've figured out how to dose the cats by myself, out of necessity. (if you ever need to do this - a towel and a firm grip on the nape of the kitty's neck are key.) and generally, it's not that big a deal. one or the other might be on antibiotics. fine. take the bubblegum [eh?] flavored meds out of the fridge, chase down cat from under one or the other piece of furniture, argue with cat briefly, and done.

but now i have small sad cat taking Pepcid AC and some nasty chalky goop. i can't do my usual schtick with her, as her hips are very achy, so i have to figure out how to cradle her, open her mouth, and get pills and goop in there before she gets away. sadly, she isn't putting up too much of a struggle. she hates pills, and i'm thinking the plaster of Paris goop can't be much better. i'm treating her with some canned food afterwards, partly as reward, partly to offset the meds.

and i have sad smelly-breathed cat having to take pain meds and antibiotics. the worst of that is that i forgot the first time that both extractions were on the left side. being right handed, i pry open his mouth with my left hand, so i have better aim with the pill/syringe. Bad Idea. if someone had tried to pop my mouth open on the sore side, i think i might have bitten them, too.

i've had to reschedule things a bit. they need to be dosed at least every 12 hours, and stanz should get her meds three times a day if i can swing it.

and at this point, if strat figures out how to spit out the pain pills? so be it.

none of us are happy tonight.

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