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i'm such a Country Mouse, i swear. HimSelf had to leave early to be on the road, but he encouraged me to stay and make use of the palatial suite. 'hang out, sleep in, order breakfast.' really? can i sign for that? na•ve little me. of course.

really, i should have slept in. the bed was insanely comfortable, and the down comforter was yummy. but there were too many things to play with. i put on a robe (dear god, it must have weighed about 25 pounds!) and puttered around, investigating. the suite is bigger than my whole apartment, and far nicer. silk instead of wallpaper, nice art (unheard of in a hotel), spare blankets in a handy waffle cloth bag, right next to the bed, slippers on a little paper mat (!), gorgeous chairs and sofa... the main room was set up as a sitting room, desk along the back of the sofa for work area, and an entire dining room with a sideboard. huh!

i swear, i've never wanted to boost anything. but those silver soap dishes were calling to me. 'heh. yeah, i'll call you on that one.' no, i didn't take one. but they were sooo pretty.

i also went back to inventory the accesories drawer, over the mini bar. i'd peeked at it last night, and had to see it again. contents: glass jars of Swedish fish and cashews, lavendar bath salts from the Dead Sea, aspirin, first aid thingies, silk dress socks, black nylons (nice ones, too), a disposable camera, postcards, a local guidebook... my first impulse was to empty the whole drawer into my backpack. why is it that 'free' things like that inspire that emotion? really, it's not as if there was anything in the drawer that i needed, or didn't already have. well, except for the nip bottles of 18 year old Scotch. ;)

i did, however, take full advantage of the bath products. oooooo.... such a lovely shower. unlimited hot water, good pressure, a gorgeous marble shower *room*, and some of the best conditioner i've ever used. rosemary citrus, left my hair incredibly silky, and i very well may go back to their shop to get some. and the towels... mmmm.

when it came to ordering breakfast, i just couldn't. granted, it wasn't my money. nor was it His, really. but honestly. i can't imagine that any piece of toast could really taste like $5. so i just ordered tea. man, they do not do anything by halves. an entire hoddle of tea, with cream and four different kinds of sweetener, delivered on a linen draped silver tray. i lounged on the couch, sipping tea and watching Kuwaiti TV. because i could. well, okay. so i watched that for a few minutes. then i watched cartoons. :)

driving back thru town, in the early morning light, i felt... i'm not quite sure what i felt. it's not how i normally see my town, driving thru downtown before breakfast. it was intriguing, seeing the buildings washed in colors i hadn't seen in ages... mostly, i felt unsettled. not because i was in a strange town, just that i shouldn't be at that place, at that time. and i wanted to hold on to last night.

then i got home, and my day went from sorta crappy shitty to truly crappy shitty. the other first floor apartment had been vandalized, and i couldn't find my neighbors to find out what was going on. for all i knew, SV could have still been lying in his bed, covered in glass. (he wasn't. he's fine. it's a long, strange story.) and my gram is in the hospital. she landed all wrong and messed up her hip, right after i'd talked to her and my mom the other day. and i find myself putting off as much as possible to avoid dosing the cats. and stanzi is looking more and more fragile. i find myself actually looking forward to work. hrm.

*sigh* the night out with HimSelf was a welcome break, and maybe what i needed to recharge for what promises to be a rough week. that, and a gift that was dropped into my lap, almost literally. i went out to catch up with a few friends and get out of my head (and avoid the inevitable), and i was handed a bootleg of the Stones show. yes. yes, i was. now i can actually *listen* to the show i worked. apparently, i know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. and i have excellent friends who help make this path a little easier.

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