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feeling kinda how a girl feels

i'm quite satisfied - ducked out at lunch today, went to Selletto and Harvard Collections, and managed to knock off five more presents. bear for mom (far too cute to resist), books for several people, and a tie for my best friend's dad.

and i had every intention of finishing up some more shopping last night. i even called the mall to see how late they would be open (11 pm!). as you might guess, that didn't happen. amazing how a little free beer rewrites your priorities. ;)

the holiday party for the Orpheum was last night. i was wishy washy abut going, in part because i still have Things To Do, and in small part because of J and her ongoing attitude. (side note: she managed to work a shift for me without acknowledging my presence. i managed to not find her when i let everyone go.) but there are a lot of people down there that i like, and the chance to see them all when we didn't have to work was too good to pass up. also, it made a nice counterbalance to the mandated outing the other night. so i went, planning to duck out after an hour or two and finish up some shopping.

i was surprised to see, when i got down there, that i knew only about a quarter of the people. the party was for *everyone* that works there, including box office and back stage, people i never see. the usual suspects from front of house gravitated to one table, tho, and it was great fun to hang out with them.

at some point, S and i started talking about cute guys. one of the recent Friday Five questions was 'if you had a free pass, what five stars would you have a fling with?', and i mentioned this to S. this quickly turned into pointing out the cute guys we work with. and then, somewhere along the line, amidst much beer and silliness, we created a monster. the plan, i think, is to create a Men of the Orpheum calendar. i have the list. photos will be taken. :)

i stayed far too late, did a round or two with a few of the guys, discussed the merits of A Confederacy of Dunces, and barely made the last train home. since it was late and cold, i decided to catch a cab. the driver, in an effort to be helpful, reached back to open the door for me. i didn't see him doing this in time to move back, and he knocked me flat on my ass. despite this, i gave him an insanely large tip. i had handed him a $20 and asked for change, based on fare plus tip. then i refigured the math and asked for more back. then i realized i was inventing New Math, and shoved a $5 at him. this had to have been a stupidly large tip, as he insisted on giving me change from *that*. 'hey,' i said to him, 'it's late, i've been at a holiday party, and i'm tipsy. happy holidays!'

*wince* had i know then what i know now, i would have taken the tip back. *limp* it would appear that my small toe is broken, or at least badly squashed, where the cab door hit it. made the walk to work... interesting. *grimace*

didn't get all that much work done today, but got many things accomplished. left early to see my therapist, and then headed cross town to get my hair cut. the way the appointments ran, it didn't make sense to go back to the office. so i went to the mall, got sis's present (and a lovely green mohair sweater for me - not that i need another sweater, but c'mon - for $10? how can you pass that up?), and then came home and slept instead. have i mentioned that i love my couch? i swear, it has its own gravitational field. you get anywhere near it, and it just sucks you in for a nap.

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