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feeling kinda how a girl feels

excuse me - i really need to get something off my chest. do you mind if i rant for a minute? no? awww. thanks. you're so kind to listen. :)

i'm the first to admit that i can hold a grudge for eons. and i'm not always the most civil-tongued person around. but one thing that gets my goat, i mean, really gets my goat, is rude people.

there's just no call for it. at least acknowledge that there's another person there. make eye contact, say you're pissed off, and move on. game over. but at least be grown up enough to say 'i don't want to talk to you because i'm angry.'

job #2 tonight, i was supervising downstairs. we were short handed, but it was a fairly mellow crowd. and things were going well. then, at some point, J came in. she's been there for years, knows the place inside out, and i was happy to have her there to help out.

i walked over, and said hi. nothing. Nothing. not a damn thing. wouldn't look at me, wouldn't admit that i was there, wouldn't say anything.

she hasn't talked to me for a few weeks now. avoids me like the plague, and has been bad-mouthing me to anyone who will listen. if you'd met J, you'd understand that that would be pretty much everyone on the face of the earth. she corners people as if she were a caged tiger, gets all up in your face, and talks a blue streak. if you're on her good side, this can be entertaining, within reason. if not? watch out.

i, apparently, have crossed the line. the worst part is, she won't tell me what it is.

oh, i have a pretty good idea. we were insanely short staffed for another show recently, and she was in charge. i pulled her in to ask her to fix a problem. when i'm in charge, i do everything i can to make sure my ushers don't have to deal with sticky situations. that's what i'm getting paid to do. when i'm not in charge? i'm not getting paid. someone else is. and i admit - i pawn off some of the dirty work. hey, they're getting paid for it. wasn't my night, and we were getting slammed.

i think she thinks i'm incompetent because of this. she swore at me that night, and grabbed me hard, by the upper arm, to pull me back to fix it all.

despite that, i put in the good word for her later in the evening, and said that she had done everything she could to fix the problem. there's only so much you can do with obstreperous customers.

so she's still slagging me behind my back, and refusing to deal with the problem, two weeks later.

this makes me really uncomfortable. at least, if she were willing to talk about it, we could get thru this. if she won't even make eye contact with me, there's not much i can do. and i don't like that. i don't like having a problem i can't solve.

i also don't like dealing with immature people. and that's just what she's being - immature and childish.

yes, i could be the bigger person and make her talk about it. given her tempermant (or lack thereof), i don't believe i can open up a constructive conversation with her. i really don't want to give her the opportunity to ream me a new asshole. if i thought she would be reasonable about it, i would approach her. but that's not likely.

so i'm stuck with this uncomfortable situation. and i don't like it. not one bit.

*sigh* who knows. maybe she'll get some action and she'll snap out of it. oh, hush. it's not that uncharitable. if you had to work with her, you might think that was generous, even.

feh. i'll probably sit with this for another few days, and decide it's not worth the brain cells.

thanks for listening. :)

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