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feeling kinda how a girl feels

i deserve a little gold star. *sticks one on forehead* things i have accomplished recently:

* got a decent night's sleep. this was key, as i've been exhausted lately. i zoned out on the couch last night, after about 8:30, then crawled into bed at some point. i actually slept enough that i woke up before the alarm this morning (!). of course, i went back to sleep. why else would alarms have been invented?

* remembered to take my medication last night. more accurately, made myself take it. it's not that i haven't remembered; i've just refused. the nausea is pretty distressing, and seems to have exacerbated my IBS. so i make it thru two days, and then get stubborn on the third day. this is bad, because the nausea does wear off when your system gets used to the medication. i know this for a fact. but i keep getting fed up and resetting myself to Day One, thereby needlessly prolonging the aggravation. so last night, i took my medication, and promised myself to get thru it this time.

* found a present for my best friend. really, i've been absent inspiration this year. so i was pleased with that, pleased enough to buy myself a silver ring with a little green stone in it at the same time. oh, and i got some gift tags for the presents, when i finally get them.

* confirmed Christmas plans with my dad. i had an idea of how things would go, but wanted to wait until a bit closer to the holiday, as planning is sketchy at best with my parents these days. so - Christmas Eve day with my parents and grandmother, Christmas Day with my brother and his family (and hopefully my sister and her husband), and maybe Christmas Day night with my best friend and her family, altho that last bit is very tentative.

* also, weaselled a gift idea out of my dad. 'hey dad, you're impossible to shop for. what do you want?' 'yes, i am impossible, aren't i? hang on. (calls to my mother) what do i want?' *snerk* remastered Miles Davis sessions from In a Silent Way, and i snagged it at a decent discount this afternoon. also, got the latest Ellis Paul disc. if you've seen Shallow Hal, you've heard Ellis. Sweet Mistakes is his (also the title of the CD). of course, the Ellis album was for me. remember i mentioned this little issue i have with holiday shopping? ;)

* ate a semi-decent lunch (two slices plain, root beer, not too much ice, $3.95). i haven't been eating all that well lately (see nausea, above). so this was good.

* didn't lose my (small amount of) cool when one of my co-irkers, smelling all garlicky and sausagey at 11 in the morning, walked all the way into my cube and took every question as a personal affront. and i didn't even care all that much when my boss said he didn't see a problem. What. Ever. got the answers, moved on.

* rebuilt and shipped The Damn Product. whoopee. now we get to start all over again in a few weeks, but at least that particular bit is done and gone.

* got my bills all paid up and current, even the Big Scary One for several hundreds of dollars that i've been pointedly ignoring for months. that one was from my lawyer. it's never good to piss off lawyers, is it?, she said pensively. *shakes head* but it's all done and stamped and in the mail now, with the rest of the bills.

i still winge about paying bills, despite having a nice little cushion in the savings account. here's the way the brain works: turn a blind eye to the savings, and try to make do with each check, so if you ever really need the money, the savings will still be there. i should cut myself a little slack, it being Christmas and all, and expenses being a little above average, but i really don't want to. having that cushion is what allows me to do things like buy a car on a whim. and it's what will let me buy a new TV and some new glasses after the first of the year. i'm actually hoping to be able to do both of those without dipping into the reserves, but it's nice to know that it's there.

things i didn't accomplish today:

* i still didn't remember my umbrella, and it's raining again. eh. so it's still damp out there, but at least it's mild enough to not really need a winter coat.

* the dishes are about to mutiny (Mutiny Under the Bounty?) if i don't do something soon. so i think that will be tomorrow's chore. that, and a trip to the vet, and many mugs of warm tea.

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