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oh, i tried to be organized today. i got up early to dye my hair, and figured i'd use the 'setting' time to wrap some gifts so i could drop them off today. that way, i'd have a little less to carry around over the weekend. as always, i forgot how long it takes to wrap things. 20 minutes just wasn't long enough to wrap a half dozen gifts. so i'll have to finish them tomorrow and tote them around. really, if i were motivated, i could wrap them tonight and drop them off tomorrow. but i know that plan will never materialize.

so my hair is all short and dark red again. (like that won't be a hint to my boss that i had other things going yesterday besides a doctor's appointment...) makes me happy. i'm letting it grow out a bit on the top so i have more to fuss around with, should i decide to dress up. but the sides are all neat and clean once more. and the color came out nicely - deep auburn brown. i like darker colors in the winter, and save the flame red for summer.

nothing much going on at work today, as people gear up to head out. or at least, so i thought when i got in. then everything hit the fan. support wanted an update, and if i didn't get it done today, before schedule, i'd have to come in over vacation. *makes sour face* fortunately, everyone pulled together, got their stuff done, and i handed over the update late afternoon. how is it that vacations, 5 o'clock, and Fridays always seem to be the times that these things come up?

ooo! i got the sweetest gift in the mail recently. see, Cindy read my entry about stockings, and dropped me a note. she offered to send me some stocking stuffers (and i have sent goodies off to her, as well). well, guess what was in my mailbox? a little package of goodies! not just a something something, but tiny packages, all wrapped up in blue and silver sparkly paper! i was giggling as i pulled things out of the box, like a little kid. and in the package: a 'snowhead' card with sweet words, Gordon the Reindeer (a little felt magnet that now has place of pride on the fridge), gorgeous red chopsticks and a dragonfly rest for them, and T'Was the Night Before Catmas, an adorable tiny book with a red silk bookmark that has a brass kitty on the end of it. i sat there reading it to the cats, who thought i'd truly and finally lost my mind.

also heard from B in the office that the bug book went over well with his girlfriend. i found it at Selletto the other day - it's a book abut good bugs for your garden, and it's illustrated with beautiful pen and watercolor drawings. and B likes his arcane English words calendar. in return, i was gifted with a lovely bottle of wine, which i have left in my file cabinet at the office for now. you never know when it might come in handy. ;)

after work, i trotted off to the 'Pro to pick up the Very Last Gift on the list. managed to find a decent single malt Scotch for my bro. and in celebration of having completed all my holiday shopping, i took myself out. went over to Casa Bs, had a few glasses of wine, hung out and watched people, and generally mellowed out. now, all i have to do is master the wrapping and packing tomorrow, and i'll be set.

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