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can i just say? my fellow 'drivers', and i use the term loosely, are making my crazy today. crazy, i tell you! *grrrr* *shakes head* some day, i'll have to post a full fledged rant. for now, let's just say a few people had near death experiences, because i apparently have some anger issues when driving around this fine town. ;)

maybe it was because of that, maybe not, but i was tired, bored, unfocused all day. the Migraine is also still hovering on the edges of my consciousness, which didn't help. i'm willing it to stay there, not balloon into another bout. i kept flitting from one project to another, going outside for smoke breaks, walking around talking to my compadres who were in the same boat... is mercury in retrograde today? is it something in the water? is it because it's a perfect beach day, and i'd rather be working on my lack of tan? who knows. all i know is that i was restless, restless, restless.

i finally decided that if i couldn't be at the beach, i should at least have ice cream. good substitute, eh? (i first typed food substitute - nothing subliminal about *that* typo.) tried to convince B to go with me, but he was chained to phones, so i went to pick up a couple of to go cups. trotted over to B and Js, and ordered a medium cup of Giant Chocolate Chip for B. while ScooperBoy was getting set to scoop me a cup of Heath Crunch, i nicked a chip out of B's cup. ooohhhh, my, that was good. swapped my order over to Giant Choco Chip as well, and got a large cup, realizing that B had asked for 'as much ice cream as $5 can buy' - which would be a large.

i got back and plopped myself down on the floor on B's cube (he has a window), and we slurped down that ice cream without much discussion. and suddenly, the afternoon was better. *g*

after work, i stopped into my florist's and picked up a few bunches of flowers - purples, reds and whites - to refresh the arrangement at home. i now have three arrangements scattered around the living room, so i see flowers everywhere i turn. and it makes me happy.

when i was done with the flowers, i headed over to the frame shop to get a photo framed. sounds like a simple errand, yes? no. far more challenging than i anticipated. the poster is a Joel Meyerowitz photo from years and years ago that the Cape orchestra had used as a promo. long, long out of print, and i've had it lying around for several years now, always intending to get it framed for the living room. decided it was about time to fill in the wall over the stereo.

it's a shot of a cottage porch; actually, it's two cottages, and the shot looks down the hall to the beach. can you call it a hall if it's outdoors? see, the cottages are connected, and you step onto the front porch, then walk between the cottages to the back porch and onto the dunes. i suppose it's a hall... can't think of another term. anyway, on the surface, it seems like a straightforward picture. white wall on the left, hall in the middle, door on the right, scallops on the porch eave across the top.

it took nearly an hour to figure out the right frame for it. as i started picking out frames and mats, i realized that one corner is lavendar, another blue (by the door), another pinkish, another grey with blue undertones. and the hall has a golden glow from the sunlight reflected off the sand against the white paint. plus? the border of the print is peach. gah! everything seemed wrong. it would work in one corner, not the other. none of the mats helped... i was beginning to think i should just roll it up and give up.

i finally opted for a neutral goldish/copper tone metal frame with a brushed finish, no mat, and trimming the poster to leave just a bit of the peach border around the edge, with an extra drop to leave Meyerowitz's name on the bottom. takes a week to get it done, so we'll see next week how it comes out.

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