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i figured that i didn't like the lamp shade i got yesterday just because of a basic resistance to change; human nature. i tried to work with it for a day, but it just doesn't fly. it looked good with the base... before i put the bulb in. see, the shade is narrow at the top, and the bulb just points out the seams in the silk. you're forced to stare at the seams, and it's distracting. so i headed back to Targe¸ to exchange it.

really, it was just an excuse to do some more shopping. *g* Targeè is in a plaza with Home Despot, Bed Bath and Beyond (too bad they can't get a, Petco, Old Navy, and a few other stores on steroids that i probably shouldn't be going to. i keep claiming that i have a goal. and i sort of do - i want to find a cupboard sort of shelf thing for the kitchen. looked at the cookbooks, and realized that they're covered with a cat's worth of fur, as well as dust. ick. so i'm hoping to find either a small cupboard that will match the china cabinet, or a white cupboard with glass panels in the door. while it wouldn't match, i like the idea.

BBB didn't have what i was looking for, but they had plenty of other goodies. i wandered into the towel/bathroom accessories area, and had a ball. when i swapped the wastebasket the other day, i realized that the pretty pastel shells didn't really go with the rest of the room. so i decided to redo the rest of the bathroom. makes sense, eh? ;)

i now have new rugs in pistachio green. they're nicer than the regular shag trim; the threads are twisty, and a bit longer. they feel scrumfy on bare feet. also got some new towels to match, and took great delight in tossing out the old ones. that, my friends, gets rid of the last bits of Fritz detritus. (plus, i have that much less laundry to do this week.) so now the bathroom is done up in a pastel seashore theme. one of my favorite photos is in there (has been there all along, and sort of the inspiration) - it's a long shot of a beach cottage, white with green shutters, and the dune grass all around, and the frame looks sort of like driftwood. there's also a small Natucket basket, from my mom, filled with shells that i've collected over the years.

redoing the bathroom almost counts as cleaning, right? :)

i managed to get all that done in time to catch up with some friends over at the Gs. Marty is back in town, briefly, before doing the second cross country trip. had a lovely time hanging out with him and his fiance¸, whom, as it turns out, i have met before. caught up on what's been happening, joked around, was offered an invitation to come out and crash with them, and (much to my relief) got to see that he's healing well after the Big Accident on the first cross country trip. being the quasi-mom that i am, i brought him a tube of salve to help with the hand. hey, it's what i do - try to fix things.

i also got to meet LittleMan, my friends' new son. really new. really, really new. two and a half weeks old. ohmygod, he's adorable. he's already gotten past the Squished Yoda phase that every newborn goes thru, and was curled up on his side in his stroller, looking eminently adorable. yes, i know that's the second time i've used that word, but there's no other way to describe him. love and hugs, guys, and best wishes on your new adventure!

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