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as part of the resolution, i spent a lot of time trying to do nice things for myself today. first things first, i went to visit my florist and get some flowers for the desk. very important, because the flowers from last week had started to fester over the weekend. god, what a stink! washed out the vase, and got a refill. he had some great stuff today; i zeroed in on euphobia (at least, i think that's how you spell it), which is the bud version of a fall flower. two tiny green petals, and a small, maroon striped seed in the middle. he said he knew i'd go for that, as i also like bells of Ireland, another green flower. filled it out with purple statice, yellow yarrow, and orange globes that look like thistles. all good hardy flowers, so they should last the week. and the colors are very summery.

after work, i opted to take the 'more fun' version of cleaning the house - by going shopping. :) there's a Targe¸ near here, over in Wellington Circle. if you know Boston, you'll understand: as much of a hell hole as Leverret Circle is, Wellington is ten times worse. which is why i've put off trying to get there, despite the fact it's a 10 minute drive from my house. today, i decided to figure it out.

it wasn't as bad as i remembered, but i still wasn't crazy about driving thru a 10 way intersection with no clear idea of where i was going. i got there, tho! and i treated myself, as always, at Targe¸. i went in with the idea of getting a new lamp for my bureau. i wanted to replace the pineapple piano lamps, which were always mostly useless, even more so since i haven't replaced the wimpyass 4 watt bulbs in over a year.

i found a pretty nice lamp, with a wooden base and a beaded silk shade. i'm not sure about the shade; that may change. of course, i didn't stop at that. i got a bunch of things for the bathroom - 'bout time for a change. the bathroom is pretty narrow (5' wide, 15' deep), so when i moved in, i got everything in ivory to make the place seem bigger. how boring. now i have a pretty little wastebasket with a pastel shell pattern over an ivory background, and a matching thing for the scrubbie brush. perks the place up a bit.

i also splurged on a ton of good smell wells for every room in the place; now, my living room smells like fresh oranges, the kitchen smells like lavender, and the bathroom smells like a sea breeze. amazing how much fragrance can affect your mindset, isn't it?

the cats also got plenty of treats - new scratchy pads, a catnip stuffed rainbow trout (which white cat is sleeping on as i type), and catnip bubbles. who knew that they made catnip scented bubbles? that should drive the white cat insane.

when i got back, i unpacked all the treats, got rid of the old lamps (and a whole wack of other stuff that's just taking up space) and took them out with the trash, rearranged some art so i could hang a new painting in my bedroom, and changed the sheets to the peach ones.

i didn't really do chores, but the place feels better. the bedroom has a nice new feel to it, and i'm hoping the feng shui will change too.

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