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gah. today was an exercise in frustration, with a few good bits thrown in. mostly frustration, tho.

for starters: i had to dress up for work. note: normally, shorts and a clean shirt are fine. jeans, sneakers, logo shirts - all fine. i work in a damn computer company, for gods sake. we're not about style here.

segue for a sec. as loose as the standards are (socks and Tevas are de rigueur, she said, tongue planted firmly in cheek), there are still a few fashion plates (that would be the sound of me air quoting my ass off) that baffle me, nay, horrify me. wearing frayed clothes? god, ask for a raise. a logo shirt from your favorite geek outlet is one thing. wearing it under a white dress shirt is another. buy a goddamn proper undershirt, or don't wear one. on second thought, scratch the second option. buy clothes that *fit*, for crying out loud! if the seat of your pants is down around your knees, get new pants. and for the love of pete, if you insist on wearing dress shoes, tie the fuckers.

*any*way... so i had to dress up for work. i hate doing that, primarily because it involves thought and planning, not two of my strong suits in the morning (pardon the pun). so right there, off the bat, i'm cranky.

then we had a corporate meeting. phooey. they rarely say anything useful, but attendance is mandatory. one of the guys in my group handed out a photocopy of the 'Bullshit Bingo' game the other day, and i was sorely tempted to copy it down to business card size and hand them out. wouldn't it have been wonderful if the whole lot of us had collected enough buzzwords to stand up and shout 'bullshit!' at the same time? *fantasizes momentarily* it was thoughts like that, and a sympathetic friend sitting next to me with whom i could exchange whispered comments, that got me thru the meeting.

and then it was into Uniform #2 and off to the tent. i worked the John Mayer show, which requires wearing a polo shirt. i hate polo shirts. there's just no good reason for them. but. also? because i've been swapping bags, i left my laminate and my flashlight at home. bleargh.

good bit #1: there are usually a ton of sailboats out on the harbour that time of night. i saw a three-master heading out, and ran over to the rail to watch. there's also a group (or several groups, not sure) who race regularly, and they were out lining up at the first mark. pitty pitty sailboats! lifted my spirits a bit.

the sold out crowd was pretty well behaved, but man oh man... i was unreasonably cranky. i decided to put the crank to good use and did a few security rounds, shooing people down from standing on seats and getting them to put out whatever they were smoking.

good bit #2: had an Italian ice to cool off. yes, it was outrageously overpriced, but boy did it taste good. blue vanilla. side note: who decided that vanilla should be blue?

back at my post, i had to keep people in the last row from cutting thru the camera area and climbing over chairs. i felt badly for the folks sitting right next to me, because i spent a fair amount of time yelling at people, which had to be distracting. good bit #3: i actually got to use the phrase 'what part of no don't you understand?' without even trying. i'd directed this one guy around to the end of the row several times, and he insisted on arguing with me. 'no, you have to do the same thing as everyone else.' 'but i don't wanna.' (lather, rinse and repeat.) finally, it just fell out of my mouth. 'what part of no don't you get, you asshole?' i think that last bit stayed in my head, but i'm not sure. the filters don't always work. and, hey! he gave up! made me giggle for a good few minutes.

good bit #4: got to stand right in front of the stage when Mayer sang 'Your Body is a Wonderland'. that song is my favorite bit of pop fluff these days, and he played the hell out of it. he's got a good stage presence, talked to the audience, said he didn't understand how he'd gotten so lucky to have people like his music, and played a pretty decent blues guitar. always nice when musicians mess around with the songs, instead of just playing the studio version.

whoofdy. i need a serious amount of sleep. thank goddess for fans to keep the place cool enough to doze off.

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