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fucked up karma


feeling kinda how a girl feels

i had a very ...*interesting* experience today. ended up staying down with Chica and Chef for a while to help bag up the Wanderer's belongings, such as they are, and move them into the basement.

now, i've been around some places that have bad karma. and i've been around some people who have bad karma. this, however, is the first time i've ever encountered karma so badly out of balance that he left huge, oily splodges of it everywhere he went.

i've never even set eyes on the Wanderer, and his karma was so fucked up that i ended up with the dry heaves.

no, it wasn't from a weak stomach. no, it wasn't from the pile of laundry festering in the corner. i clean out the cat box on a regular basis, which is pretty retch inducing for most people. and i have my own pile of moldering socks to deal with.

no, really and truly it was from the most out of kilter karmic vibes i've ever encountered.

thankfully, we got things packed away in a relatively short period of time, and lugged the bags down to the basement. even just doing that made the room feel better.

Chica and i opened a few windows, Lysoled the room, rearranged the furniture, mopped the floor, polished the table, set up the TV, smudged the windows and door, and generally swept out the proverbial cobwebs. that last splodge of karma that got swooshed out the window must have tagged me on the way by, because i started gagging again. but after all that... light. lightness, and release. not even my house, and i feel better.

namasté, ladies.

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