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well, it looks like we're not going to catch a break this weekend in terms of weather. was hoping that there would be a window of opportunity tomorrow wherein it would be grey and cold but not raining. was hoping for that, not gonna get it.

so i called the Cap'n to see if he saw it the same way. deep sighs on his end of the phone, as he agreed as to how it just wasn't looking promising. we both like sailing, but in a fun non-competitive kind of way, and if it's going to rain all day, that's just not fun. trust me. when we had that little incident with the halyard? i've never been so sopping wet. and it wasn't fun.

scratch the sail, call my friends who were going to crew, apologize for not being able to control the weather. 'see if you can do something about that, will you?' he joked. yeah, i'll get right on that. :)

the upside of scratching the sail is that i had the chance to catch up with Chica Beanie and Chef. haven't yet had the chance to see Chica since she got back from her vacation. after talking with the Cap'n and my friends, i called Chica and said 'y'know, just give me a big dope slap for not being a good friend.' we've made a bunch of tentative plans, and i wussed out on each and every one of them, all for very lame reasons. not that i haven't wanted to see her, i just got too wrapped up in my own little universe. she laughed, and invited me down for the night.

ah, the things i do for my friends. i don't much like driving at night (night blind, don't you know). Penny doesn't like being driven in the rain. and highway driving makes me nervous, especially when i'm tired.

so what did i do? get in the car and drove down to see Chica. at night! in the rain! on the highway! whoo hoo! ;)

small sidebar: i would rather drive in Massachusetts than Rhode Island in a New York minute. okay, we're crazy bad drivers up here. but we're bad in predictable ways. if you pull up next to me on my right at a stop light where you can only take a left from my lane, i can guarantee that you'll want to take a left in front of me. down in the Ocean State? you people are nuts! nuts, i tell you! maybe it's because insurance isn't required, but you people are insane! you do some *fucked* *up* shit with your cars. and you have no fear of taking of my front end! to wit, the guy who not only wanted to take a left from the right lane, but scraped in front of my car *into oncoming traffic* to do it. dayyyum. and labelling your exit ramps? apparently as optional as the insurance. as i found myself cruising thru downtown Providence instead of the highway, i had a complete Lew Black Moment. 'fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!' best job i ever had. ;)

funniest part was this: i was running a bit late due to traffic, and Chica called to check on me just as i was trying to negotiate another exit ramp. i grabbed the phone, bleated 'bad timing! can't talk! almost there!' and hung up. lather, rinse and repeat two more times.

note to self: if you're going to plug in the handset for hands free operation - it negates the regular mouthpiece. i didn't have time to clip on the mike. she couldn't hear a damn thing i was saying. i just sounded like one of those Charlie Brown adults. :)

anyway, i did get there, and in one piece, albeit shaking a bit from the inadvertent detour thru downtown. we had a great time catching up, talking about everything, and looking at her photos. that was sort of like playing 'Where's Waldo?', as she had taken Claudette with her. Claudette is a small rubber chicken who made appearances in many of the photos. i'm deeply envious that Chica had a chance to go to the Gerald Durrell preserve, but i'm glad she brought back gorgeous picture of it to share.

she also brought me a bag of treats, including Mini Dodgers (which will make sense to my fellow Eddie fans) and a teeny plaid backpack for my keychain. i also got my Christmas present a bit early, because Chica has the patience of a flea once she's found the perfect gift. and it is perfect: a silver and amythyst ring, done in a Charles Rennie Makintosh design. fits like a dream, and i love it. thanks, Chica. and it was lovely to catch up with you both.

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