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feeling kinda how a girl feels

welcome to the Short Attention Span Theatre that is my life these days. i've been picking up little things here and there, and finishing none of them. i've been sorting thru code, trying to catch up on entries, ignoring chores, and generally feeling a bit manic.

really, i've done pretty well. i suppose i shouldn't beat myself up. the dishes in the sink are mostly under control, because The Dane came over to do my dishes for me and i feel like i should keep the sink looking nifty. the trash is empty, i've gotten a few other small chores done, there's food in the fridge, and my laundry is in process.

see, most people would say in progress. me, i've had my brain shorted out by the Corporate Mangler, and say process. because it's all about playing by the rule book. but i'm not cynical. oh, no, not me. :/

i think part of it is the change in seasons. hits me every year about this time. the things that seem just a little much the rest of the year suddenly become overwhelming. i'm not really sure why that is. [note to self: you really need to stop using the word really for emphasis.]

maybe it's because the fall season signals, for me at least, the end of things. yeah, yeah, i know. it's the natural cycle, gets us to the point where we can start all over again, can't have spring without fall, blah blah glass chimneys. i know that. i get that. but still. leaves turn color, fall off, and we're left with twigs and grey slush for the next six months.

don't get me wrong, i like living in a place where we have at least four seasons, sometimes all in one day. but... *sigh* i think... bear with me, i'm working this out as i type. maybe it's because the fall brings about the impulse to nest, to get things warm and tidy for the winter, to make sure that your house is in order. and while i like to nap as much as the next person, i'm not sure i want to hibernate.

i should just become a bird and head south for the winter, eh? ;)

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