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i'm tellin' ya - corporate nap rooms.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

i woke up on the couch this morning, having dozed off while watching the film. it's always a little disconcerting when you don't mean to do it. sometimes you know you're too tired to move, which means you make the choice to stay there. and then sometimes sleep whumps you on the head when you're not looking. so much for my fears of ending up stuck in another insomnia snap.

anyway, woke up in plenty of time to get to work on schedule. the construction crew working next door on the Mad Russian's house had to move all three trucks again, and one of them cracked that it would certainly be handy if my car had wings. i bit my tongue, but wanted to snap back that none of this would be an issue if they would stop parking in my driveway. i don't have a lot of sympathy for them. park in my driveway, move your ass out of the way when i need to get out. there's a clear property line inked down the driveway, and it's obvious that they're in my driveway. feh.

on the other hand, the scissor lift they use to get up and down from the third floor is kinda nifty, and i may just drive in and out tomorrow for the sheer entertainment. *evil grin*

i think i ended up self medicating last night because i'm scared witless of what might happen with bossman. he was out the first two days, and back today.

as it turns out, not much happened. it was a good conversation when he got in. i showed him some progress, gave him my latest plan for the Big Project, and caught him up on the goings on the last two days. good. uneventful is good.

however, i did fall asleep in a meeting. the HVAC is all screwed up today - hot, cold, hot, cold, eh. and it was ferociously hot in the conference room. i swear, i was paying attention, but you would never have known it from watching my lids slam down regularly.

also, the next and (from my point of view) most interesting reorg came down today. it's the most interesting because it affects me more directly. there were some surprises, and no one is very thrilled. we'll just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

and from the archives, they gave out pictures from past company events today. i tore up some (with the exhusband and the ex), kept a few others, and snagged one for blackmail. it may come in handy later, altho if they keep laying off people at this rate, i might not get to use it.

also, i gave my boss a bottle of wine. he was doing his usual whining about how he needed a drink, and i trotted off to my desk. came back bearing a bottle of wine and plunked it on his desk. don't even ask why i have a bottle of wine in my file cabinet. in fact, i had two. just be humored. :)

after work, i took myself over to Toys R Us, because i wanted some more toys. yes, really. i ended up with a holder for my View Master discs, as well as a few more sets, and a whackload of puzzles. took a long time to get all that, though, as walking into the store gave me sensory overload.

and when i got out of there, i decided it was time to treat myself. there's a spa behind the toy store, and i walked in to see if i could get an appointment. the woman behind the desk looked at me and said 'right now?' 'yes, please!' turns out they had an opening in a half hour, and i amused myself by wandering around the space, having some ginger tea, and debating if i should sit by the fireplace or the wall-sized meditation waterfall thing. and then i had a whole hour on the table. oh, soooo nice. loosened up some of the knots, and it felt good just to relax and put myself in someone else's care. i'll sleep well tonight, that's for sure.

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