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oh, what a gorgeous, gorgeous day out - unseasonably so. i wanted to get out and enjoy it some, so i snagged D and we went for coffee. well, i went for coffee, he came along for the walk. we sat in the park a while, just shooting the breeze and people watching. i went out later, too, to run some errands and soak up a little more of the sunshine.

it wasn't really that warm, altho they claim it got up near 70° in the afternoon. it was more of that spring chill warm, where you see the first spring sunlight. you know what i mean, don't you? the light is different at each point in the year. summer is thick warm caramel light, fall is golden and clear, winter is bleak and thin, and spring is when the light first seems like it has enough in it to warm you up. the sun is a little more yellow, the light feels a little nicer on your shoulders, and you can actually start to hope for long sunny days.

when you start seeing that light, you don't really want your coat. so you go out in just a shirt, and it's almost warm enough, you want it to be warm enough, but you end up shivering a bit when you duck around a corner, and you deal with it, because it's sunny and springy and you'd rather find the sheltered spot to bask in it all than head back for your jacket.

and that's what we did. when i got back to the office, i started wishing that i hadn't gone back at all. waiting for me in my email was a note from my boss. 'why is this thing for which you are responsible broken?' um, gee. that's an excellent question. let me go find out.

turns out i was sandbagged because some other team dicked around with my datasets and didn't tell me. very uncool, guys. 'oh, yeah, we broke that a few weeks ago.' um. excuse me? *deep sigh* i can't even tell you how exquisitely pissed off i was. if you really and truly can't get your work done with the tools you have, then ask. ask for help, and let someone else loan you the tools. don't help yourself. i spent some quality time, if you can call it that, ripping their boss a new asshole and ensuring that we wouldn't have to have that conversation ever again, as he would communicate to his team the essential ungoodness of repeating that act. i hate having to deal with shit like that, really and truly. i would much rather have stayed in the park, drinking very rich coffee and watching life go by.

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