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well, my TV sweetheart, jon stewart, taught me a few things last night. he hit all the same points as i tried to in my little political screed yesterday, but he made it funny. the best was the bit on abortion, where all the guys, including tom the camera guy, got to offer their opinions. and nancy walls just got shut down. ah. prime rule of funny: show, don't tell. (note to self: remember this for future writing.) jon, i'm so sorry about that whole greg boyer thing! will you take me back? 8)

and another thing about the presidential debate the other night... did Dubbya really have to sniffle thru the whole thing? i mean, really. did he not have a handkerchief? would it have been political death to admit on TV that he's human, he blows his nose like the rest of us?

i mortified my mom once by not knowing enough to blow my nose. ok, i was only 4. but she was still embarrassed. we were doing some sort of christmas recital at nursery or kindergarten, and i was sitting cross-legged on stage in the front row. i'm pretty sure i was wearing my red velvet jumper dress, with patent shoes and a little white blouse with puffy short sleeves. and i had a cold. geez, most of us did. isn't that the way it works - one kid gets sick, forgets to cover his nose when he sneezes, and then the whole class is sick? anyway, i didn't have any tissues with me. when you're 4, you don't carry The Handbag. you know - the one where you can dig to China and find pretty much anything. that doesn't come until later, junior high maybe. so, no tissues. and it got pretty messy. so messy that my mom finally scooted up to the stage, wiped my face, and stuffed a few spare tissues in my hand. i don't remember much else about the concert, except that it was sunny and i was off-key, and my mom had to wipe my nose.

god, the things we remember from childhood.

i'm listening to Pieces of Africa by the Kronos Quartet, and it makes me happy. the instrumentation is great; love the kora, and how they mix it with classical strings. i especially like the kora track, because it's Foday Musa Suso, who was my introduction to kora music. if you ever need an emotional boost, put on this album and crank up track 6 - Wawshishijay by Obo Addy. the translation of the title means 'Our Beginning'. Addy is from Ghana, and here's what he tells us about the song in the liner notes:

My father was a medicine man. We call them woncher, which means 'the father of the spirit'. He told the future and healed the sick with music and dance, and I was born into that. When I'm writing a song I always think back to when I was little, maybe four or five or six years old, and sounds come back to me. I always imagine I've heard the sounds before, sounds like my father's traditional, spiritual music. I wrote songs like that.

There area lots of sounds that we haven't heard that the birds know about. There are lots of rhythms that we haven't heard that the trees know about. It is not only the sounds in your environment.

the whole album is wonderful. try it out. tell me what you think.

i very nearly get myself in trouble every time i play one of my other favorite albums, the Treat Her Right anthology. there's a track on there called Jesus Everyday, which is a pretty sarcastic take on some so-called Christians, from their point of view. i love the whole album, so it's usually cranked up, and without fail, the windows are open. when he gets to the line about the 'niggers and ingrates, the jews and the spics', i always dash over to turn down the volume - just a little bit too late. i'm thinking this is not a good way to endear myself to my neighbors. do you think hollering 'it's sarcasm!' out the window might get me off the hook? ... yeah, i thought not. ah well, guess diplomacy won't be my next career. 8)

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