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feeling kinda how a girl feels

life has been running me down a bit lately, but it's not all bad. lest you think that i'm just blue and mopey, here's a list i made to cheer myself up.

things that make me happy

not my cat, but isn't he cute? there! and my cats make me happy, even tho the white cat is in a perpetual state of about-to-die. i love him, i really do - he's cute and loves to be a lap cat, and actually plays with the toys i get for him (as opposed to my grey cat, who is above that sort of thing). and that's probably why i haven't killed him yet. he's always jumping up where he shouldn't be, chewing on plastic bags, attacking grey cat, and generally causing mayhem. the closest he came to death was when he peed in my $100 italian leather shoes. that was a close call. i lived on the second floor at that point, and the cat nearly learned to fly that day.

sometimes, his mayhem is more subtle. i have a glass dish of shells and pebbles, filled with water, that i keep on the back of the toilet in my bathroom. (well, of course it's in the bathroom... but the sentence just didn't sound right without saying that.) in the wintertime, i have to refill the bowl pretty frequently, as i have forced hot air heat, which is rather dry. toasty, but dry. recently, i've noticed that the bowl has emptied out pretty quickly, despite the fact i don't have the heat on yet. you can see where this is going, can't you? well, it hadn't occurred to me until i walked by the bathroom one evening and caught white cat, perched up on the toilet seat, paws on either side of the bowl of shells, looking up at me in guilt/panic as he realized i'd caught him doing yet another illegal thing.

'but, mom! it's water! and you never give us enough!'

'i'm not buying that argument for a second - i just got you two the quasi-poland springs perpetual water bowl. Get Off The Toilet! And Don't Drink Out Of The Bowl!'

(skittering cat dashes for a safer hiding place, curls up on the pile of clean laundry, once again taunting death.)

and so it goes. at least life with cats is never lacking adventure. i'll get proper pictures of them posted soon.

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