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The Church of St. Eddie the Divine - a Diaryland ring


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So... yeah. Welcome to the Church of St. Eddie the Divine.

mmmmm. yummy sexy goodness in a hedge.  :)

The Church of St. Eddie the Divine is open to anyone who is a fan of the brilliant and multi-talented Eddie Izzard.

If you're interested in joining, here's the deal:

1) Have a journal. You needn't write specifically about Eddie, but it's interesting how his phrases creep in to everyday speech, isn't it?

2) Standard disclaimer: use good grammar and have good HTML coding skills; no -isms (racism, etc), no FuNkY typing (lower case is fine), no goofy slang (kewl!) - we all know how to spell. And no passwords, please. Rings are for public reading.

3) Please display semi-gracefully in whatever browser I happen to be using (given my setup, I may review you in NS or IE, and it may be Mac or Windows). Yes, some of us use That Other Browser. It's the kind thing to do.

4) Once you're accepted, please have the ring code up in a few days. You can put it on your main page, or a rings page, but please make it easy to find. Hey, the goodness about a ring is being able to surf around to like minded people, so it should be easy, yes? Yes.

5) Big ears, sit along the side. Small ears, inside.

Really, I'm not that fussy. As long as your site has interesting content, you'll most likely get in. However, I reserve the right to make the final call.

You should hear from me within a few days of submitting your site, unless I'm covered in beeeeeeees!

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