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feeling kinda how a girl feels

i'm gonna do a fast entry, quick quick like a bunny, because i want to write, but i also just dyed my hair and took a warm vanilla musk bath, and i really want to go to bed. 8)

worked a show the other night - it was supposed to be Dido opening for the Bangles, but it ended up being the Bangles opening for Dido. this was bad, because i had planned to leave the show early to meet a friend, and i hate the Bangles. they sucked hard, yo. i'll give them credit for being able to play guitar, which is more than i can do, but it was a painful hour. i did catch 3 songs by Dido, who is cute and has a great voice, and is Welsh?? maybe? not sure, but it's a charming accent.

went out last night with a friend, and am mortified that my bartender asked me to take her home, since he shut her off after she stole three very expensive drinks from people she didn't know (clearly, i wasn't watching this, as i would have cut things off myself if i had seen it). there's just no need to provide that much excitement for your favorite bartender.

sweetie helped me run a bunch of errands today, and was generally charming and helpful. he even came over to rub my feet at one point after we got home.

one of the things we did was try to buy me a Christmas tree. i wanted to get a Norfolk pine, so we went to a local garden center, and picked one up. i thought it was OK until we got it home and i tried to set it up. this was just the wrong tree. it made me cry. don't ask - it was just the wrong tree. i finally decided to chuck the fucker out the window - no, actually, i took it around the corner to my friend's house and gifted him with a Chanukah shrub. 8) provided the dogs don't eat it, it may work out well. so we then went and got a *different* Norfolk pine... and this one doesn't make me cry. honey also got a tiny, 12" tall Norfolk pine as his Charlie Brown tree, and we decorated it with lights and a garland of snowflakes and tiny little red and gold balls, and a red velvet bow to top it off. it looks really goofy and cute. the extra lights on the string he wrapped around the pot, and it worked out that the lights lined themselves up neatly by color. perfect for the geek's Charlie Brown tree!

we're off tomorrow morning for the start of a bunch of birthday celebrations for my honey. happy birthday, cutie!

if you're looking for a little entertainment, and you're an Eddie Izzard fan, check out yesterday's page (with the link below). i'm off to snuggle under the sheets and sleeeeeeep. 'nite.

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