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i'll admit, i watched it out of a certain can't-turn-away-from-the-car-wreck kind of morbid fascination. i watched Suprise Wedding last night. my first thought was, did we learn nothing from the whole Darva Conger debacle? five women, pulling out all the stops, trying to get their boyfriends to commit. they scammed their way into having the boys show up by saying they had won a makeover, and would they come to the final unveiling? the worst part of the manipulation was the host (who twiddled his wedding ring all night), using words like confront, demand, challenge, obstacle, heartbreak, and abandoned. c'mon, guy, have a heart. regardless of the setting, these are real people who are in love. can't you give the ratings a rest? but i watched the whole thing, and rooted for all of them to get married. so i guess the whole pitch worked. and yes, i got weepy for each couple.

when pumpkins drink too muchugh. i feel like i've been hit by a cement truck. i've been home sick 4 days the last two weeks, and it bites. i finally found the energy to do my dishes today... and i swear there were alternate life forms hiding in the sink. some alien pod baby slithered down the drain before i could take a picture to prove the existence of aliens among us.

the worst part about living on your own is being sick. i mean, your friends may come by to check on you, or call to keep you entertained, but no one brings you gingerale and saltines in bed. when we were sick as kids, my mom would always be there to check on us, and would make the bed up fresh for us when we managed to drag ourselves down to the shower. there's nothing like a fresh set of sheets on the bed when you've been sleeping off whatever bug or flu for a few days. as it is, i've been curled up in bed, trying to ignore the mess, and just feel better. half asleep this morning, i was suddenly scared that the bug had become worse, or turned into some kind of mono, because i just couldn't move. turns out, while i was curled up on my side, my white cat curled up on the back of my knees. amazing how 10 or 12 pounds of dead weight can slow you down.

i ended up calling out for dinner the other night, since i couldn't face the thought of more dirty dishes. it's one of the bonuses of living in the city that for a few bucks, you can have fresh tortellini and chicken in a cream sauce delivered, piping hot, to your door. of course, having not showered or done my hair in a few days, i'm sure i was quite the frightening sight for the poor delivery guy.

the delivery services available these days are getting a little out of hand, tho., for example, will delivery pretty much anything, from pizza to a book to a Playstation2. um.... hello? people? there are other places you can get that stuff. like a STORE. are we really so convenience-centric that we don't leave the house anymore? sheesh.

i've been having some highly detailed and wierd dreams the last few days. the one this morning was about moving out of a house that was being renovated as we packed, and there were all kinds of layers about what home means and not wanting to lose that, my grandmother's attic, arguing with my dad, trying to pick what had the most meaning for me and what i should pack first, climbing up and down an exposed wall because i was afraid of the ladder, scaling a set of shelves in an unfinished room to find the books i needed, trying to find my clothes and finding my aunt's, and all sorts of other stuff. the most interesting thing about my longer dreams is that i dream entire plots, entire spy novels. i wish i could write them all down, but i get frustrated by forgetting some little detail. if i could just record them and write it all down while i watch the playback...

i finally felt enough improved today to be bored, so i called my boss to get the details on the last few days. in his inimitable version of affection, he gave me all kinds of grief about sitting at home, eating bon bons and watching soap operas while he had a long hard day. hey, boss, you wanna stay home throwing up and eating crackers? i'll trade places with you in a heartbeat. when i got really cranky about some development at work, tho, he said 'yup, you're back in fighting form.' i've gotta drag my butt into work tomorrow, even if i still feel like this - there's nothing like the tedium of staring at ivory walls for a few days to motivate you.

listening to All Things Considered, and there are some odd stories on. one is about the new $10 scratch ticket just debuted. the person from the lottery commision says that while the odds are better than on other scratch tickets, people should still 'play responsibly'. hm. now how does one responsibly throw away one's money? the other funny story was from the Royal Air Force, who will be conducting a controlled experiment to determine if there is any truth about the apocryphal story that an overfly of a penguin colony causes the penguins to watch the plane going over, and gently all fall over backwards. he claims that there is a valid reason for this: determining if flight paths disrupt breeding colonies. i think they just want to see a lot of penguins tip over backwards.

watched a comedy show last night, and just about fell off my chair laughing. this one comedian was talking about being adult and giving a real 2 week notice - 'you know, the kind where you actually *work* the two weeks after you give notice, instead of the two weeks where you don't show up to work to see if anyone notices.'

one of the types of ads that fascinates me on late night TV is the slew of psychic hotline ads. i usually sit there hollering at the TV that if they were really psychic, they would know when i need a reading and call me. damned if it didn't happen the other night! i was trying to put away the ironing board when the phone rang; i tried to grab the phone before the answering machine did, shuffling the ironing board along with me, and picked up the phone a little out of breath. 'hello?', i gasped. it was Miss Cleo, saying that she had picked me to get two free 5 minute readings. at first it was really funny, and i wrote the number down. but the number has just been sitting there for two days, because while i honestly think it's a marketing scam, it's a bit eerie that she might have heard me yelling at the TV.

hey, as it turns out, James *did* pick a winner for best costume from the party on Sunday - and it's Duct Tape Man! how funny is that? sweetie was very excited, as this is the first costume contest he's ever won. congrats, babe!

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