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random thoughts and a halloween treat


feeling kinda how a girl feels

a random sampling of thoughts today...and a halloween treat, if you're good. 8)

an upgrade for my newly gifted machine is in the works, so that i can run OS9 and DSL. there are a few G3 upgrades out or almost out for this puppy, and that's probably a little further in the offing. dunno about you, but i don't have a spare few hundred lying around to drop on the toy. i feel like i'm getting old and practical; instead of just splurging on stuff, i'm planning how to budget my money, in order to afford a new slipcover for my sofa and a replacement for my much beloved, much lamented ELPH2. anyway, i'm going to be wired for sound soon, baby! with the way things have been going with the phone/cable companies, i'll probably end up with my friend's line - he lives around the corner, and at some point, the phone company turned his line into a party line with some other guy. they've also been a little unreliable with DSL. so, i figure i'll get his line.

my sweetie's friend got thru her surgery for ovarian tumors the other day, and things appear to have gone well - no complications or anything. the scary part is over, and the hard part starts. wish her luck working thru recovery.

i saw far more of Providence than i really wanted to in one weekend, as we drove down and back to retreive my pocketbook Sunday, with a quick stop for Micky D's drive-thru. on the way back, the first time i think, we drove alongside a bus coming up from New York, the kind with the tiny TV screens. they were showing something with a speedometer, which i assumed was a car ad. my honey glanced up and joked, 'oh, they must be showing Speed.' i kept watching for a few minutes, and sure enough, Keanu Reeves made an appearance. christ - that's like showing Con Air as the inflight film.

the halloween party Sunday night was a mixed bag. not too many regulars, not too many people, unlike last year. it was fun to catch up with some friends, but there were a few creeps (not my friends) who bothered me, and i tend to get cranky by the end of the night if my friends are all more toasted than i am, because my natural tendency to babysit/mother/oversee kicks in, and it makes me mad. no fault of theirs, just what happens. james never did get around to giving out a prize for best costume, so in absentia, here's my version:

Best Costume Overall: Pablo, in full salsa mode - complete with fringed hat and orange/yellow ruffles.

Best Couple Costumes: My best friend and her girlfriend, as a pirate and her captive on the high seas.

Best Makeup: Tie, between the Evil Clown, and Death Takes a Smoker.

Best Humor: Duct Tape Man, naturally.

treated myself to a few new books today, including Gregory Maguire's Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. if you haven't heard of him, he also wrote Wicked, which is The Wizard of Oz from the point of view of the Wicked Witch. it's a fascinating, well-crafted story, and also an exploration of politics and self-identity. i'd highly recommend checking it out.

ah, so you've read to the end. well, then, here you go... your halloween treat.

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