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today was all kinds of frustrating. i've been trying to get one of our key apps up and running all week. there have been Complications. and it's not even as if i'm responsible for the app. i was, once, long ago, in another version. so pretty much, i've been shooting in the dark on this one.

not only that, but various people have been involved with only bits and parts of information passed along to them, so they haven't had the 20,000 foot view. i finally tried to put the whole picture together, as i had been invited to participate in a conference call to the help line, something i don't much like doing when i don't know what i'm talking about.

turns out, in the process of putting together the picture, i was well on my way with the diagnostics. the conference call still happened, which was mildly irritating, as it wasn't their issue. nor were they getting all the information, so even had it been their issue, i'm not sure they would have been much help.

does marching into someone's office with a golf putter in hand, to set the mood for a conversation, constitute a career limiting move?

funniest moment:

D: hey, come back here.

me: okay.

D: turn around.

me: okaaayyyy. (thinking, i know my ass looks good, but...)

D: don't get nervous.

me: (huh?)

D: (reaches over to pluck something off me)

me: oh, great. i'm covered in cat hair again, aren't i?

D: nope. (holds out long red hair)

me: lovely. i'm shedding.

D: you had a hair across your ass! feel better now?

(both collapse into fits of giggles)

me: (giggling) nah, but at least i'm amused.

seriously, you can't script moments like that. and that, boys and girls, is pretty much how my whole day went. soon after that, i left to decompress, and didn't come back until everyone else was gone. much easier to get things done when nobody hovers around your desk.

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