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feeling kinda how a girl feels

*sigh* i worked hard at not being disappointed tonight. something didn't click, maybe i screwed up the time, or the communication wasn't good. whatever it was, i was flying solo tonight.

and lemme tell you, it's harder to be stood up if you're a girl. no - nono - hush. just be quiet. it is. and don't give me the whole 'we have to work up the courage to ask you' spiel. we don't bite. and we have to work up the courage to ask, too.

no, it's harder for a girl because there's Girlie Stuff to do. you just shower, maybe shave, and toss on a pair of Dockers, and you're ready to walk out the door. and i suppose i could do that too. but i don't. i actually try to make myself presentable, which for girls is a tad more involved.

i got home and decided to dye my hair, as it's been looking decidedly limp. yeah. there's a good move. dye your hair right before a date. and while you're at it, pick a color and a brand you've never used before, so as to be doubly unsure of how it will turn out. oh, and make it a permanent color, so you can nearly asphyxiate yourself in the process.

while i was waiting for the color to set, i shaved my legs. i decided to wear a skirt tonight. mom called this afternoon, and we were talking about what i should wear. either way, i'd have to shave, as the ankles still peek out under the jeans. plus, i'm hoping to get a little action, mom. 'shave. and wear a skirt.' hee hee.

rinsed out the hair dye and did seventeen different girlie things in the shower, involving scrubbies and exfoliants and body wash and conditioner. it's amazing how many products i can fit in one place.

and then i tried to get dressed. oh, man. i ironed three different outfits, trying to find one that fit comfortably and looked good. see, this is why i don't normally dress up. settled on a cute little denim dress with embroidered flowers (i *told* you it was all girlie tonight).

decided to dry my hair so it looked half decent, rather than its normal flop. and in the process, i discovered that my hair was so not the shade i wanted. it turned out mahogany red bordering on black. far darker than i'd meant. but not much i could do about it at this point. i touched up the nail polish, because of course i had done some maintenance on Penny this morning. always a good way to keep the manicure intact. and then i had to sort all my stuff into a little 'going out' bag.

see? it is more involved being a girl.

and in the end, i hung out with the band. they translated 'ish' into guy speak for me, and determined that he wasn't going to show. and they spent the rest of the night looking out for me. introduced me around, hung out with me on break, bought me a drink, and told me i looked lovely. y'know, it's always good to be with the band.

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