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35 things you never wanted to know about me


feeling kinda how a girl feels

you may consider this a cop out, but i think these are kind of fun. i got one of those 'who are you?' surveys in my mailbox today. oddly enough, i was looking for *exactly* this sort of thing yesterday. i'm bored with my bio and wanted to spice it up a bit; other people's questions are always more interesting, because the ones you ask yourself are ones to which you already have the answers.

1. Living arrangement? not much to my liking these days. oh, fine. i have a perfectly serviceable three room apartment that means a lot to me because it's the first place i've ever had all to myself. i share it with two cats who seem to think that i exist to pamper them. i'd prefer some human company these days, tho.

2. What book are you reading now? Refiner's Fire, by Mark Helprin. i adored the way he painted word pictures in Memoir from Antproof Case.

3. What's on your mouse pad? my mouse. (duh.) i've got a mouse pad with a wrist pad built in. this is at work, mind you. at home i have a low profile (1/2" high) trackball. no pad.

4. Favourite board game? cribbage, i guess. i would like to have played cribbage with my grandfather. i like Trivial Pursuit, but noone will play it with me anymore because i always kick ass. did i mention i'm a competitive soul with a penchant for useless facts?

5. Favourite magazine? People. oh, i used to subscribe to Harper's and New Yorker, Mother Jones and Utne Reader... but when i read magazines, i want brain candy. so - People. the special double issues are particularly exciting.

6a. Favourite smells? fresh mown grass; apple pie (or any pie) right out of the oven; Armani for Men (in the matte black); the inside of my china cabinet (it was my grandmother's, and the inside still smells like her house); wood smoke from the fireplace; freesia and lilac.

6b. Least favourite smells? oh, pretty much anything involving nasty bodily functions. i was a lousy babysitter because i had a lot of trouble with the whole diaper thing. i'm not too keen on dump trucks either.

7. Favourite sound? good music. it can touch you in a way that bypasses words.

8. Worst feeling in the world? that sinking desolation that washes over you when you lose someone you love - breaking up with a lover, losing a parent. 'It is a fearful thing to love that which death can touch.'

9. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? can i go back to sleep please? or at least stand in the shower for about 20 minutes?

10. Favourite colour? green. deep, lush royal green, preferably.

11. How many rings before you answer the phone? depends on the time of day. if it's telemarketer time, i don't answer. usually, tho, i try to get it by the second ring. you would think that wouldn't be much of a challenge in a three room apartment. you'd be suprised how many places the cats can hide the cordless.

12. Future child's name? it's a long story, but the one name i picked - Corwyn Michael - i'll never use. if i have kids, it would depend on who the dad was. part of it would be trying to pick a name that didn't sound silly with the last name (peter moss sound like a bad idea to anyone?), and part of it would be wanting to honor the families on both sides.

13. What is the most important in life? love and honesty.

14. Favourite foods: cheese, olives - good olives, lobster, fresh vegetables - like tomatoes you just picked out of the garden, avocadoes with a little salt, chickpeas on rice.

15. Chocolate or vanilla? yes. why choose? snickerdoodles made with fresh vanilla, or a chocolate tasting plate at my favorite restaurant - both of these are good things.

16. Do you like to drive fast? sometimes. i've been known to drive stupid fast on streets i know, especially late at night. but if the road is too windy, i drive sensibly, because in my head i can envision careening off the road and landing in someone's living room. not good.

17. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Simone the panda bear has been with me for a long time. he sleeps with me when i'm really upset. he got me thru wisdom tooth surgery, and a few breakups, a divorce, a robbery and an assault. he's a strong little bear. i've got to figure out a way to give him a bath.

18. Storms - scary or cool? cool as long as i don't need to go out in them. snow storms are always cool. rain storms are annoying if i have to get somewhere, because i hate getting cold and wet.

19. What type was your first car? my only car was a silver Mazda Protege with a sunroof. then my exhusband wrapped it around a tree and bought himself a new car with the insurance settlement. i miss my car.

20. If you could talk to one person, dead or alive? Mark Sandman. a musical poet with a philosopher's heart... i nearly met him once at my favorite bar, but he was with friends and i was embarrassed to be the fawning fan, so i left him alone. i almost saw him perform a few times, but things being what they are, it didn't come together. then he died on stage in Italy, the summer of '99. i just got Morphine: Bootleg Detroit, an official release despite the name. the proceeds go to the Mark Sandman Music Education Fund. on the CD, there are two movies of the band performing... and watching this magnificent person whom i wish i had met makes me want to cry, makes me grateful that there is some small way to reach out.

21. Favourite alcoholic drink? Frangelico, neat. or a truly fine Port.

22. What is your zodiac sign? Leo, Chinese astrology character is Goat, Keirsey Tempermant is Idealist, Keirsey Character Style is Teacher (eNFj), unless you pay more attention to the Meyers Briggs version, in which case i'm a Guardian Supervisor (ESTJ). i'd tend to buy the second one as more accurate. or, if you really want to be scared, here's the key to the kingdom:

Version: 3.1
GH/O/L d(+) s-: !a C+++@ U--- P L>++ E? W++ N o?
K- w---(+) O- M++ V? PS++ PE+ Y+ PGP- t++@ 5 X++ R*
tv+(++) b++++ DI++ D? G e++>+++(*) h r++ x+**

if you want the translation key for that last bit, check out my bio. yes, this bit is recycled. hey, there are only so many ways you can name your sign. 8)

23. Do you eat the stems of broccoli? nope. but i love fresh steamed broc with a little lemon, butter and salt. yum.

24. If you could have any job you wanted what would it be? ohhhhh... hm. something fun that actually uses my skills. i'd love to run a museum, and work all the fundraisers, planning events, managing staff, and delegating the bookkeeping.

25. If you could dye your hair any color? purple. it was purple once. i'd like to do it again.

26. Ever been in love? yes. several times.

27. Is the glass half empty or half full? if the waiter is good, it's always full.

28. Favourite movies: Buckaroo Banzai, Brother from Another Planet, Stripes, Young Frankenstein, Black Robe, Henry V (the Branagh version), Breaking the Waves, The Matrix. tons more, actually, but those are the ones off the top of my head.

29. Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? yes. touch typist, 90 wpm, few errors.

30. What's under your bed? dust balls, and probably a few cat toys. maybe a cough drop the cats batted off the night stand. one or two of the plastic twisty things you pull off the milk bottle.

31. What is your favourite number? 5 and 7. powerful numbers.

32. Favourite sport to watch? on TV - golf. yes, it's like watching paint dry. i find it soothing. basketball, because it's elegant when played well. if i'm going to a game, i love minor league baseball. adore it, actually. there's something about the pure love of the sport that appeals to me. plus, i like the hot dogs. remember - condiments are free.

33. Say one nice thing about the person who sent this to you. jenn is one of the more generous, giving souls i've had the good fortune of meeting recently.

34. Person you sent this to who is most likely to respond? if i forwarded this? my best friend.

35. Person you sent this to who is least likely to respond? um... of the people i would send it to... cindy. i swear, the woman hasn't read her email in years.

so, if you're so inclined, take the survey yourself and send it along to me. c'mon... entertain me. tell me who you are.

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