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sick. sick, sick, sick. bleargh. there's this nasty ass fluish sort of thing going around the office, and i appear to have gotten it. stuffed head, can't hear well, hard time breathing, and tired. so very tired. i have a bad feeling this will turn into another bronchial thing. i get them about once a season. and that's all it takes, as they linger for a few months. bleargh.

i meant to leave when my boss got in; he comes in late on Mondays, and i figured if i at least waited for him, there would be some coverage for the whole day. it didn't work out quite tht way. i ended up working nearly a full day, at half capacity, which i guess means i was there for half a day. it felt so pointless to be there, tho. i was having a hard time answering the most basic of questions, and i truly wonder how many mistakes i've made that i'll need to clean up later.

and i bagged out of the driving lesson. my best friend was going to take me out for a spin so i can continue to master the Steel Beast. no driving for me, not today, nuh uh. because me whacked out on cold meds behind a steering wheel might be amusing, but more likely dangerous.

and my grey kitty is sick too. well, not sick, but she needs to be looked after. her fur is all matted in a rasta kitty kind of way that makes me feel like a bad kitty mom. she doesn't like me to brush her anymore, and she's getting older (14 years old now), which means she doesn't keep up on the grooming as much. it's pulling at her skin and it has to be uncomfortable. and her nails are too long again. she uses all the scratchy things i have for the cats, but it must be like people - your nails harden as you age, and it's harder to keep them trimmed properly. at least one of them is now ingrown. can you imagine how painful it must be to have a claw going into your pad? it has to hurt every time she walks. :( i need to get that taken care of before it gets worse (infected) and set up a regular schedule to take her in for a pedicure.

the cats have been all over me the last day or so. i'm not sure if it's that they know i'm sick, or if they aren't feeling well and want some comfort, or just the lower ambient temperatures. woke up this morning, and could not turn over. one of them was sleeping on my chest, and the other was curled up between my shoulder blades. perhaps it's part of their devious plan to immobilize me and take over the world. or at least the kitchen.

so i finally did leave work a little early, feeling all spacey and dizzy. i was having to work really hard on not falling down - or up - stairs. getting on the bus was more of an adventure than it really should have been.

got to the grocery store, figuring i should pick up orange juice, some meds, and a little bit of food. oh, my lord... did you know that Campbell's alone has nearly a dozen kinds of chicken noodle soup? i was standing in the soup aisle, dazed and desperate. all i wanted to do was find plain ol' garden variety chicken noodle soup in the red and white kind, the soup that mom always made for us when we were sick. it's comfort food, healing food. and i was baffled. it took a good 10 minutes to find the soup.

i ended up with 4 different kinds of Campbells chicken noodle and a few Fresh Samantha juices with echinacea and Vitamin C. oh, and bathroom cups! another item that it shouldn't be hard to find - Dixie 3 ounce bathroom cups. when i do find them, they're generally phenomenally ugly. i found a few boxes of ones with clouds on them. that, at least, felt like i'd done something well.

got home and zoned out on the couch for a while. made one of the soups and had it with some crackers. i picked the wrong one to make - it was a creamy base. when you're sick, it has to be plain old broth; that seems to be best for the head. at least i had the good Goya crackers to go with it. got out one of the Italian soup bowls my aunt brought back from her year abroad - big, heavy bowl with a handle and a matching plate, both painted in bright swashy flowers. that alone was comforting.

woke up long enough to chat with my best friend a little bit. she's trying to get things set up for the new house. the saga she went thru with the electric company was unreal. you had to show up in person, for starters. who the heck ever heard of that? and the utility company office sounded like the old DMV, with a soundtrack from Elm Street. it took them hours - no joke. and what did they end up having to do? walk across the lobby and pick up a phone to talk to someone who said the guys would be there next week. helloooo? what happened to the in person bit? thank god she laughed about it all. otherwise there would have been many, many dead bodies.

then stu stopped by; i had called him at the office to see if he'd run me an errand on the way home. i had forgotten, in my drug induced haze, to get stupid brain candy magazines. i figure i might be home for a few days, and brain candy mags always make me feel better. i feel like i'm reading, but it doesn't take much concentration. what a guy... he swung by with two or three good ones.

so, napping, reading, phone calls, mags, and general slothfulness. fortunately, because i did some chores this weekend, i already had the comfy bed. flannel sheets, flannel jammie pants, and a wool blanket - if nothing else, i may be able to sweat this out of my system.

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