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Sunday, Sunday...


feeling kinda how a girl feels

*opens one eye* um, hi. do me a favor, okay? next time i decide it's a good idea to go out and party like i'm 18, remind me that i no longer have the constitution to live the rock star life - please. *squints*

my ears finally stopped ringing sometime the next afternoon. and i'm still tired, two days later. why i insist on thinking i have the constitution of someone half my age, i do not know. you'd think i would have learned by now. isn't that what happens as we age? we become wiser, more aware of our limitations, able to accept that we've outgrown some things. but the Other Girl always raises her head and wails 'nooooo! must go out! must have a rockin' social life!'

i am not aging gracefully yet. more accurately, i am not aging willingly.

i'm also grumpy because i had to battle with DSL again today. god love Tech Support... but i just shouldn't have to call them so often. it's gotten to the point where i call and say 'skip to question #10 on the script, because i've already done all those diagnostics.' they never quite believe me, and we have to go thru them anyway, and i don't really blame them. i'm sure plenty of people who don't know their ass from a keyboard call them every day.

at least i do know my way around my computer, because they are wholly unfamiliar with my OS. they say they support it, and it's clear they do in a software sense, as DSL does work. but in terms of diagnostics, they don't know how this OS works. they'll ask me to bring up a control panel, and tell me to click on a button that doesn't exist anymore. 'okayyyy... they've redesigned the panel. just tell me what info you want, and i'll find it.' fortunately, they don't insist that i *have* to do things the way the script explains it. they're willing to run with it. (no pun intended)

what really frosted me this time was the problem. turns out that despite the fact my software is installed correctly, and i haven't fucked it up with some third party thing, and my account is up to date - they disabled my account. yup. didn't disconnect it, just disabled it. so i was getting a clean connection in the DSL interface, and then not able to resolve any DNSs. (DNSes?) there is just no way that you could tell that was the issue, at least not from the customer side, and clearly not from their side, not easily anyway. took over two damn hours and a call to the billing department to get it all squared away. grrrr.

and i don't feel like i've gotten enough stuff done around the house. the list just keeps getting longer and longer, and i'm more and more frightened by it. nice excuse for procrastination, isn't it?

i did get the pads put down under the rugs in the living room. trimming them to fit was sort of like trimming an Escher print. the pad is an open waffle weave, so i was cutting down a set of boxes. so, pads all set there, and i was surprised at how much of a difference it makes. the rugs are all squashy now. i didn't want to waste the rest of the padding, so i doubled it up and put it down under the bedroom rug. fit perfectly, too.

then i freaked myself out stepping on the rug. i've had this rug... 10 years? it's a thin wool weave, and it's always just sat on the floor by itself. and it's always felt the same. roll out of bed, drop my feet on the floor, and there was the rug. sense memory is pretty powerful, i've discovered. the first time i stepped on the padded version, i jumped back like a cat. you know when cats step on something odd, and spring back, all fours, and shake the offended paw all around, then sniff, and repeat the whole thing a few times? yeah. like that. i know i'll be doing that for at least the next few weeks when i get up. hope the cats find some amusement in it.

oh, well, okay. i did get a few more things done. vacuumed everything, including the couch, did my dishes, changed the bed, cleaned the stovetop while chatting with mom, and took out the trash. while that isn't the complete list of chores by far, the apartment felt a lot better - more like home.

oh - and i got rid of the fans for the season and set up my water fountain. it's the winter dècor. ;) the fountain goes on a small table where a fan lives during the summer.

speaking of winter, not that we're nearly there yet - the heat kicked in tonight. it was nice to take the edge off the damp. but boy, was it an odd noise. i have forced hot air, and the blowers kept waking me up. ah, but it was good to snuggle under flannel sheets in jammies and be warm.

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