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i've ventured back to work. yesterday was a half day, and it will probably only be a half day today, as i still feel like warmed over crap on toast. the fever is gone, and the coughing is not as bad. last week, i had a dry cough that i'm sure was compounded by the forced hot air heat. it got so bad a few times that i'd be sitting up in bed coughing until i cried. not crying really, but that cough so hard that tears run down your face kind of thing. this week? not so bad.

the fact that it's still exhausting to walk down the hall to get some tea blows me away. i can't remember ever being this tired after a cold or flu, except for one summer when i was about 14 where all i did was sleep all the time, and that was either mono or a growth spurt.

the cats are a bit confused that we're not watching Discovery or the History Channel all day. they've gotten quite used to the new schedule, and complain yowlingly loudly when i don't behave as expected. if i sit at the computer, stanzi comes over and pests me mercilessly. she mewls softly and bats me, which is quite the protest coming from her, as she's not much of a lap cat at all. and if i don't come to bed on time? the ruckus is unbelievable. she pests me whereever i am, and walks away, then turns back and looks at me as if to say, 'well? aren't you coming? we have sleeping to do.' why it's important for me to be in the bed at certain hours and not others, i couldn't tell you. but it is important that i take up my Assigned Position in the bed so that they can make furry little bookends on either side of me.

i'm still not doing much of anything other than going to work for a bit, and then coming home and collapsing on the couch. food requires much thought, in order to require the least amount of effort possible. and i'm quite happy to have two kinds of white grape juice, as i'm still sucking down liquids like they're going out of style, and i really just couldn't gag down another glass of OJ. *shakes head* it's always been a favorite, so i'm hoping the Pavlovian response wears off quickly and i can like it again.

i've been doing small social things - catching up with wayne, who is much healthier now after a serious episode this past fall, nattering with scott, my favorite misanthrope, taking myself out to eat (the restaurant, as well as the act). little bits of human contact make me feel better. and i try not to overdo it, as i don't want to be wiped out again.

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