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i'll pass on the sandbox, thanks.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

mm. so. remember my little rant about J? well, i'm feeling pretty neutral about it these days. it's more like watching a psychological profile than having a problem to deal with. doesn't really faze me one way or the other if she's there or not when i'm at work.

i mean, i carry grudges, sure. i'm still pissed about the butterscotch candy that my bro swiped out of my secret hidey place in my doll cradle when i was 5 or 6, even tho he swapped it for another candy he thought i'd like. if he hadn't done that, i might not have realized the other candy was gone. and if you're condescending to me, it'll be hard to rehabilitate that one. but by and large, we all have bad days or nights and then you let it go. i try to do that for others, and hope that they're willing to do it for me.

this one, tho, has carried a bad night with her for the last couple of months. she was in charge, we were wildly understaffed that night and had some seating problems. happens. not only did she grab me by the arm to direct me that night, but she's been complaining ever since. at first, this upset me. i did feel i should have been able to do better. then again, i don't feel anyone has the right to physically enforce management. period, end of story. then it just irritated me that she wouldn't get off it. complained loudly to anyone who would listen about how poorly i managed, refused to make eye contact with me, wouldn't speak to me. that was particularly entertaining the night she came in and ended up working for me. and i do mean entertaining.

then, turns out she's managed to end up out of sorts with nearly all her other 'friends' down there. a few of them have volunteered their opinions to me (which really i rather wish they wouldn't, as it's not my business, but that's the incestuous nature of the job i guess), and she's not winning any points with them.

and here comes the best part. i had a showdown with Burrito Boy, who is rather a waste of oxygen. i asked him to work a particular post, and he refused point blank, telling me to find someone else. i told him he could work there or go home. seemed reasonable to me. he and his friends didn't much like that. *shrug* the short version of the story is that it all worked out in the end. i wasn't going to lose sleep over it either way.

J takes this (god only knows how she got the details) and tells K that everyone hates working for me, i'm a terrible manager, and he should get rid of me. hah! like that's gonna happen. the reality is that K has gotten nearly all positive feedback. we ended up hashing out the problem (K and me) at one point, and while i disagree strongly with his planned approach, it did yield one of the funnier lines i've heard in a while. i said i didn't much care for his approach because i had less than no interest in getting pulled into the freakin' sandbox politics that i thought we had all left behind in third grade.

'if i end up in the sandbox with her, all the sand is mine.'


also amusing to me: we were both in charge at a recent show, and J came upstairs to take one of my ushers because she was 'one short'. well, honey, i'm three short. take your pick. and when i asked for volunteers? they all took two steps back. speaks quite loudly about her style, n'est pas?

all the sand is mine... hee hee. :)

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