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kidneys and livers and meds - oh my.


feeling kinda how a girl feels

the results aren't good.

stanzi came back yesterday looking a little better and happier; the vet had given her subcutaneous fluids.


her kidney values are fine. so the diet is doing what it should. but now her liver is failing.

or, maybe. the vet isn't sure. could be cancer, could be a cyst, could be... could be.

so my options are: oral meds which could control her ulcer, and allow her to eat and drink what she needs to. xray, which might show something. biopsy, which will be definitive, but invasive and expensive.

*weeping* i don't know what to do.

no - no, that's not true. i do know what to do. i just don't know if i can do it.

i can't put her thru invasive surgery that, at best, will tell me why she's dying.

i'll try the meds for a few days, and see what happens. hell, i've been thru chronic digestive issues. the meds helped me. maybe they'll help her? maybe.

so i'm off to find a baby doser, some Alternagel, and Pecid AC tablets.

yup, that's right. my cat is going to be taking Pepcid AC. and a chalky gel. by mouth. hoo boy, is she gonna be pissed off about that.

at least, i hope she's upset. because that would be a good sign, right?

*deep sigh* i'm just glad that she's home, and purring a bit, and sitting with me on the bed. i had to pick her up to get her there, but she's here, with me, for a little bit longer.

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