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a guilty confession, or: my life as an L&O slut


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shhh. don't tell anyone. i have a confession. i'm a slut for Law and Order.

yes, that juggernaut of a show that seems to have taken over a large percentage of night time telly is one of my favorite things. it's formulaic, and done to death, and predictable to a fault. and i adore it.

first of all, there's Sam Waterston. oh, he's a guilty pleasure, that one. the rebel DA with the flag burning, hippie past and his motorcycle. and that episode where he changed into jeans in his office and you nearly got to see his cute little tushie? mmmm. i like that he does the righteous bit without going over the top (cf Bobby Donnell), and occaasionally fucks up. let's just say i wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers.

and then there's Jesse Martin. yum. gor-gee-ous. i could just eat him up with a spoon. i first saw him on Ally McBeal and all i wanted to do was dope slap her for not making it work. girl, when you meet someone that fine, you make it stick! and then i discovered he was on L&O. happy, happy girl.

plus, S. Epatha Merkeson kicks butt all over the place. she is wonderful. i love that she doesn't take any shit from anyone and makes things work. talented woman.

and let's not forget Ice T. ohhhhh, my. he's good. i love watching him. his character gets all the snappy lines, and he makes them look good. and you know when he gets that little small mouth expression on his face, some shit is going to fly.

rounding out the list of faves is Vincent D'Onofrio. oh, my. it's such fun to watch him get inside someone's head and take them apart. plus his character has such a random assortment of odd trivia squirreled away in his head - anyone who can say 'that's Swahili for midwife. why would he be at a conference for midwives?' has got me from go. heaven forfend he tilts his head and looks at you sideways. you're toast, my friend, when he does that.

yeah, so pretty much it's a lustfest. i watch for the pretty boys and girls. i even watch the same episodes over again. and the fact that it's on at least three or four times a night means i can get my fix whenever i want. there's something very comforting about that. it's like the Mac and Cheese of my TV world. everyone has one of those, and L&O is mine.

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