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birthday countdown: 3 days.

you know, i feel secretly spoiled.

i have fantastic plans lined up for this weekend. something nice every day. and the festivities continue into next week, wherein i apparently have a dinner date for every night of the week. so many boys, so little time.

how is it that the plans just came together? i've pulled together smaller events with more fuss. but this... this is a gift.

and it started with little things today. work could have been a down to the wire cram event. it could have gotten ugly. but instead, people decided not to crunch. i nearly didn't mention that i was taking Monday off, as i didn't want to sway them back the other way. but i did. 'ooohhhhh... i suppose i should tell you that Monday will be Tuesday.' all that came out of that? a few birthday wishes, and a plan for Tuesday.

i had every intention of going home to do some chores before going out to dinner, but somehow my feet led me over to Casa Bs. i settled down to catch up on some reading. i can't wait to see how Transister Radio ends up. it's a good read, and i find myself sneaking out of the office for 5 and 10 minutes of stolen reading. made a few calls, read some of the book, and touched base with my compatriot in crime, who laughed when i told him where i was.

he was patient enough to let me run at least one errand before we went out for food. i picked up a liner for my new shower curtain, which sounds like a little thing. but i'm so excited about it. i did the bathroom up all in ivory when i first moved in. the room is long, but narrow, and the only light comes in thru a small window high up in the shower. i was worried that adding colors would make the space look smaller.

recently, i've gone on a bit of a binge and replaced the rugs and towels in light pistachio shades. the plain vanilla waste basket is gone, replaced with one that has pastel sea shells on it. and i finally decided to take the dive on the shower curtain. it's a sheer panel in blues and greens, with fairly abstract designs that could be interpreted to the willing eye as something sea-shorey. i figured it would be best to back it with a clear liner, and of course i had to get clear rings to go with it.

imagine my delight when not only did the panel match the rugs and towels, but there's actually more light in the bathroom! the morning light pouring in there comes thru the curtain, and makes the bathroom look all soft and underwater-y.

anyway... that done, we headed over to Jasper's for dinner. ran into Chica and her wife, who were there with a few friends. it's the oddest thing. every time they go there, i show up. not sure how that works. i've gone there and not seen them. but Every Time they go, i pop around to pest them. ;) it was nice, because Chica's wife and i were able to square away a few things for sailing tomorrow.

and dinner... yum. lobster tomalley toasts with a spicy dipping sauce, crab fritters which are never oily or overdone, a steamed native lobster and corn on the cob. truly, it is one of the most perfect dinners going. hot, steamy lobster, waiting to be ripped apart so you can find the good bits and dip them in hot drawn butter, and fresh local corn, steamed in the husk... i'm starting to drool a little just writing about it. the native lobsters are tinier, but sweeter.

have you ever had lobster? what part do you start with? i always start with the swimmerettes on the tail, then work my way back up to the claws. haven't quite worked up to eating the body part. too much goopy stuff in there i can't identify. (altho i'm quite happy to eat the goopy stuff on toast, apparently.) and the little legs on the sides - like Pixy Stix of the sea world.

if you've never had lobster, drop me a line when you're in town. i'll be happy to introduce you to one of the most perfect foods on earth.

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